Best Apps List for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Free Downloads

Most Popular Apps for Nokia N8 - Free Download

N8 Fan Club tries its best to provide you with the quality applications and games for free. We have collected a random list of most wanted applications on our Facebook Fan Club, and publishing it over here. These are most popular applications for your Nokia N8 or any other Symbian^3 (Anna) / Symbian^4 (Belle) Smart Phone. We will keep on updating this post time to time. We have also compiled a list of Most Wanted HD Games for our beloved Nokia N8.

Desktop / Home Screen Customization Tools

  1. Grid Touch – Default Menu Replacement with Cool UI and Features. (Works with Symbian Anna)
  2. vHome – HTC and iPhone style home screen for your Smart Phone
  3. SPB Mobile ShellTransform your Phone’s User Interface into something very cool and awesome.
  4. SPB Mobile Shell 3D – Transform your Phone’s User Interface into something very cool and awesome with 3D animations.
  5. iLauncher – Now give iPhone looks and behavior to your Belle smartphone. iLauncher is a sliding app launcher inspired by modern smartphones.
  6. Nokia Sleeping ScreenBest Screen Saver App for your Smart Phone
  7. N-DeskiPhone style menu for your Symbian Smart Phone
  8. Qt Shell – Nokia N9 MeeGo inspired menu / launcher for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones.
  9. Belle Shell / Ultra Shell – Nokia Belle inspired shell / menu / launcher with added features like panoramic wallpapers.
  10. SPP Slide Unlock Pro – Lets you unlock your Smart Phone in so many different ways
  11. Favorite Apps – Lets you add additional shortcut icons on your Home Screen
  12. Access Apps – Meego like Access to all apps with a finger swipe left-to-right. You can make application grid visible with a swipe, scroll the apps grid, organize icons with long press and start the apps with a click. Enjoy!
  13. Maze / Pattern Lock – Set a custom pattern to lock and unlock your Nokia N8 smartphone with this app.
  14. Swipe Unlock – Nokia N9 MeeGo inspired Lock Screen for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones.
  15. ScreenLock FX – Without unlocking you have access to all important information: clock with seconds, calendar/tasks, player/radio control, programs switching, Wi-Fi/GPRS traffic, missed events.
  16. D-UnlockAndroid Jelly Bean inspired lock screen for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones.
  17. Nokia Bubbles Unlock – Bubbles appears when you press the Menu key while your device is in sleep mode (instead of the black screen with clock and unlock button)
  18. Shake Unlock – A cool app enables you to lock/unlock your phone by just shaking. You can impress your fiends showing that magical function!
  19. Bubble Unlock – Most cool Bubble Unlock with Delicate and beautiful UI! Collect the advantage of slide to unlock and touch unlock. And we embed many beautiful wallpapers, you can select the one you like!
  20. Digital Footmark Lock Screen – The application improves the lock screen feature greatly in Symbian Belle devices. It works in virtually all S60 phones, from S60 3.0 to the latest models including Nokia N8.

Entertainment / Multimedia / Talking Funny Apps

  1. Talking Ben – Its a funny character app that responds to touch gestures in a funny voice and repeats what ever you talk with him.
  2. Talking Ted (Improved and Recommended Tom Cat) – Ted is your cat that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say in a funny voice.
  3. Talking Tom Cat – Talking Tom Cat. You can pet him, poke him, you can even grab his tail and even talk with him, he will repeat anything you will say to him.
  4. Talking Cat Lite – Talking Cat is 3D animated cat that talks and repeat what you say.
  5. Talking Dave Waffling Hamster – Dave the Waffling Hamster gives you your own fun hamster on your phone. Talk to him and hear him repeat what you say. Poke him and hear him yell, tickle him.
  6. Talking Hamster – The Talking Hamster. Press sing and it sings happy birthday song.
  7. Puppy Talk – This dog will be obedient to repeat after you said everything. Like Talking Tom on iPhone.
  8. Talking Bear – Teddy bear will repeat to you all the phrases that you have uttered a funny voice.
  9. Talking Tiger – Teddy Tiger will repeat to you all the phrases that you have uttered a funny voice.

Security Tools

  1. Advanced Device Locks Pro – Lets you lock applications, lock your cell when inactive or when turned on, protect data in a secure file storage or, in case of theft, lock it remotely, start an alarm or activate a remote data wipe.
  2. Melon Security Lock  – Protect your Smart Phone’s Apps
  3. Theft AwareProtects your Smart Phone from being Stolen. Reports back with the location and Phone number of thief on the pre-defined number. Turns invisible from app manager n menu in stealth mode.
  4. Mr. App LockProtects your apps on Nokia N8 with a pass code from unauthorized usage.
  5. Maze / Pattern Lock – Set a custom pattern to lock and unlock your Nokia N8 smartphone with this app.

Jailbreaking / Firmware / Modding Tools

  1. Norton Symbian Hack (Works up to Belle Refresh / Belle FP1) – Lets you hack your Symbian Smart Phone, remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps.
  2. Belle FP2 Slow Hack with SafeManager – Helps you hack Belle FP2 smartphones (Nokia 808, 700, 701 & 603) – remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps.
  3. TrendMicro Jailbreak Hack – (Works up to Belle Refresh / Belle FP1) – Lets you hack your Symbian Smart Phone, remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps.
  4. Flashing with Phoenix Guide – Makes you learn how to flash your device firmware with Phoenix and hack it.
  5. Dead USB Flashing Tutorial – In case your Symbian Belle smartphone goes dead, you can revive it using Dead USB Flashing Method. This method can also be used with alive smartphones.
  6. Re-installing Nokia Belle with Nokia Suite – This tutorial helps to re-install the firmware on your Nokia Belle smartphone.
  7. Downgrade Belle to Anna (Only Nokia N8) – Tutorial to downgrade your Nokia N8’s firmware from Nokia Belle to Symbian Anna.
  8. Rom Patcher – A great tool for applying wide variety of .rmp patches on the phone.
  9. Disable Call Recording Beep Patch – It works on a hacked phone with Rom Patcher to disable annoying call recording beep on your Symbian^3 Smart Phone
  10. Power Patch to enable custom Avkon & .MIF Widgets
  11. Enable Custom Theme Effects
  12. Best Custom Firmware for Nokia N8
  13. Mohican Custom Firmware for Nokia 808 PureView

Office Tools

  1. MSDict Viewer – Lets you view dictionary files on your Smart Phone
  2. Picsel Smart Office v1.8 – One of the best Office Editing Tool with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF support
  3. Quickoffice Pro 7 – The ultimate Microsoft® Office suite for Symbian^3 devices allowing you to create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, as well as, manage files on your device and through cloud storage providers.
  4. PDF Eagle – A smooth and nice PDF Experience on your Nokia phone. Touch optimized with multi-touch, pinch-to-zoom in and out. Smooth kinetic scrolling with flick, always responsive.
  5. Merriam Webster All Dictionaries – Merriam-Webster for Nokia N8 presents Medical, bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, including Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition—America’s best-selling desk dictionary—and Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged.
  6. Medical Dictionaries – Medical, Oxford, Pocket English and Thesarus dictionaries in one single download package with keys, follow the installation text.

System Utilities

  1. Swype 2.01 – Pen Text Input – Lets you input text in a cool swiping way – Portrait Split Screen Supported
  2. Nokia Sleeping Screen – Add wonderful screen savers and visual notification alerts on your Symbian^3 device. 
  3. RAM Blow – Helps you to free up RAM on your Symbian Device to run applications smoothly.
  4. Mobile Cleaner – Helps you to free up the occupied storage space on C:/ Phone Memory
  5. Dragon Sight Screenshot – A must have application to take screenshots. Snap all wonderful moments on your screen. Single and periodical capture supported! Plenty of useful options to customize your own preference!
  6. Nokia SuiteManage your Nokia smartphone with Nokia Suite on your PC, helps to take backup and restore data and also helps to update / upgrade the phone’s firmware.
  7. Kinoni Remote Desktop – Allows you to use your desktop computer just like you would do it sitting in front of that computer. Kinoni Remote Desktop is the fastest PC remote control app. Watch Flash videos, play games and use office applications.

Internet / Chat / Social / Download Tools

  1. FMobi – One of the best Facebook client with Chat for Symbian^3 / Belle Smart Phones with Split Screen and much more.
  2. Facial – Qt based Facebook client for Symbian Phones
  3. Borg – Another Qt based Facebook client for S^3 Smart Phones.
  4. Socially – Lets you manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare from one single client.
  5. WhatsApp Messenger – A cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS
  6. Joikuspot Premium – Lets you turn your Nokia N8 into WiFi HotSpot for other WiFi enabled devices.
  7. FringLets you make Free Video Calls from your Nokia N8
  8. Opera Mobile Internet Browser – Its one of the best web browser for your smart phone though its without flash.
  9. Opera Mini – The simple and mini version of the most popular Opera Web Browser.
  10. Ekimov Download Manager – With Download Manager you can easy download any file to device. Like *.mkv, *.rar, *.zip, *mp3, *.avi and many other format. Also you can quicly open file after download is finished.
  11. Gravity – One of the best Social Client with Facebook and Twitter Support
  12. SymTorrent – Helps you download Torrents on your Smart Phone
  13. Nimbuzz – Helps you to connect with your IM contacts and even voice chat with Nimbuzz contacts
  14. Skype – Lets you connect and talk with your friends and family members on Skype
  15. Data Counter WidgetCounts your data usage and displays it on your home screen as a widget
  16. Youtube Downloader – Helps you download videos from Youtube in different formats even HD videos
  17. Youtube Downloader Pro – Helps you download HD videos and MP3 audio right from the YouTube videos.
  18. CuteTube – A fully-featured client for YouTube and Dailymotion playback & download. Support for YouTube videos up to 1080P and 720P.
  19. IM Chat for Nokia – Lets you connect with your friends n family on MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo and others in addition to home screen widget support.
  20. eBuddy Messenger – All in one Java Based Internet Messenger App.
  21. WeChat – WhatsApp Alternative for Symbian – App for Free instant messaging. It is available for iOS, Windows, Android and Symbian. Also supports Voice Messages.
  22. Viber – Use your phone to send free text and photo messages to other Viber users, anywhere and to any device on the fly! – Voice calls will be supported in future versions.
  23. WhatsApp Messenger – A messaging app which allows you to exchange messages with your friends and contacts for Free in addition to pictures and videos. Free for 1 year, $1 subscription applies onward.

Music Players

  1. TTPOD Extreme 4.40Awesome Music Player with Skins and Visualizations and Auto Lyrics download
  2. Cover Up 2.1 – Lets you add beautiful Album Art to the music tracks without album art on your Symbian Device
  3. TuneWiki – TuneWiki combines a global community of music lovers with the most advanced music player in the world, allowing you to view lyrics.
  4. QuasarMX – QuasarMX Music Player Full Version – A fast and convenient audio player optimized for mobile devices with excellent Music Equalizer
  5. Zene Music Player – An application which converts your mobile into a full-fledged music player. Just shake the device to move to next song even when the phone is locked
  6. Duomi Music Player – Duomi is an excellent music player for Symbian smartphones. Most of its features are similar to TTPod but supports more audio formats.
  7. Smooze – Smooze music player is a simple music player that uses a file browser interface. It’s like Folderplay.
  8. Folder Play – A gapless audio player for Symbian^3, recursively playing back file system folders, oriented on lossless compression and supporting the maximum audio formats.
  9. Alon MP3 Player – Organize your own music library by creating the folders with your favourite tracks . -Choose the way of playing the list: play track, loop track etc.
  10. AudioWave – Audiowave 3 is the ultimate music, podcast, and audiobook player for your … audiobooks, and folder play, Equaliser, Sleep timer, + many more.

Messaging Tools

  1. xSMS Flood – Its a SMS Bomber tool that helps to send pre-defined number of msgs automatically.

Call / Message Management Tools

  1. Handy Blacklist – Helps you block annoying and anonymous callers on your smart phone.
  2. SMS Spam Manager – Helps you block annoying messages on your smart phone.
  3. Boldbeast Call RecorderRecord calls without annoying BEEP on your Symbian Smart Phone.

Camera / Imaging Tools

  1. Camera Pro App – Extends your Smart Phone’s Camera functions e.g 11x Digital Zoom, Time Lapse Images, HDR Photography and much more.
  2. ShutterPro Premium – Fully experience your mobile camera capturing capabilities with HDR (high dynamic range) and 3D (anaglyph) modes to take photos like never before.
  3. Sophie Cam – Sophie Cam is a brilliant way to share your photos with various quality effects such as Roid, Housten, Dirty.
  4. Camera Bag – Lets you add some cool effects on your photos.
  5. HDR Photo CameraCreate amazing High Dynamic Range images with HDR Photo Camera.
  6. Photo Browser v2 – An awesome 3D gallery to view photos on your Symbian Device with some extended controls.
  7. Magic Photos – Lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by applying different effects while keeping your chosen details untouched.
  8. Coloriz It – Add some creativity to your photos! Make them black and white, and just bring the color back for some important fragments.
  9. Infrared Photo EditorInfrared Photo Editor offers easy to use channel mixing (RGB, HSL) and contrast/ brightness functions for image manipulation.
  10. Time Lapse Camera App – FastMotion lets you take time-lapse (stop motion, fast motion) videos with your phone’s camera.
  11. Camera Lover Pack – Camera functions you’ll need the most and includes panorama, retro and artistic filters, burst capturing, blending, funny effects and much more.
  12. Photo FX Effects Editor – Apply more than 40 cool and professional effects to your photographs.
  13. Camera FX  – Create funny effects from images and live camera preview and shots.
  14. Nokia Panorama – Camera App lets you capture best panorama shots.
  15. Epoc Cam Pro – Helps you turn your Smart Phone into high quality HD Webcam
  16. Mobiola WebcamTurns your phone into Webcam with multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB and WiFi
  17. Flickr Pix – Lets you share your snaps on your Flickr account for Free in fast and easy manner.
  18. NVT Camera Mods 3.1 – These mods are specifically for hacked Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle to enhance camera performance by resolution and quality tweaking.

Signing Tools and Certificate Error Removal Tools

  1. Dr Web Hacking Solution – Lets you hack your Symbian Smart Phone, remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps.
  2. UMU Antivirus Hack – Lets you hack your Symbian Smart Phone, remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps.
  3. Norton Symbian Hack – Lets you hack your Symbian Smart Phone, remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps.
  4. Free Signer – An app that lets you sign – unsigned (cert error) apps / games right from your smart phone
  5. Belle FP2 Slow Hack with SafeManager – Helps you hack Belle FP2 smartphones (Nokia 808, 700, 701 & 603) – remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps.
  6. TrendMicro Jailbreak Hack – (Works up to Belle Refresh / Belle FP1) – Lets you hack your Symbian Smart Phone, remove certificate errors and enable installation of unsigned apps.

File Management – Compression Tools

  1. Xplore – One of the best File Manager App for your Smart Phone
  2. WinRAR – An app that lets you open RAR and ZIP files right from your Smart phone
  3. SymFTP – Lets you connect your Smart Phone with PC via WiFi to transfer files
  4. Dukto File Transfer – Lets you transfer files and folders over WiFi from PC to Phone and vice versa.
  5. FExplorer
  6. Files Plus
  7. Nokia File Browser
  8. Active File
  9. Y-Browser
  10. MyExplorer (Also offers WiFi file transfer among your smartphone & PC)
  11. Files Mine
  12. Advanced File Sharing Manager
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