How to re-install Nokia firmware with Nokia Suite or Flash with Phoenix?

How to re-install firmware on Belle Smart Phone with Nokia Suite?
How to re-install firmware on Belle Smart Phone with Nokia Suite?

There are situations when you are required to re-install the official firmware on your Nokia Symbian Belle Smart Phones. For instance, your device frequently hangs up or you had unintentionally removed Photo and Video editors or you had just hard reset your device with *#7370# or with 3 button combination and some apps just stopped working. In this case you will be required to re-install the firmware of your device with Nokia Suite to bring back the default stuff you had lost by mistake. This is the safest and official way to re-install or update the firmware of your smart phone. Even if you fail to re-install the firmware with this Nokia Suite method or there is no option available for re-installing the firmware, you can always go for unofficial way for re-installing / flashing the firmware with Phoenix. In this post we have discussed in detail both official and non-official ways.

Nokia Suite > Tools > Software Updates > Re-install

While on the other hand, if you had failed to update / re-install the firmware on your phone with Nokia Suite you have an option to go for un-official update method, that is flashing your phone with Phoenix. Its only recommended solution for advanced users. You must be familiar with NaviFirm download the firmware files via NaviFirm and proceed with DEAD USB flashing through phoenix by following the tutorial given below.
How to flash Belle Phone with Phoenix – Flashing Custom or Official Firmware
Flash your Nokia Belle Smart Phone with Phoenix under Windows XP / Vista / Seven either with custom firmwares or official firmwares in case you have messed up your phone’s firmware during the official update process either via Nokia Suite or due to any other reason.

Warning: Follow this guide at your own risk, in case anything goes wrong with your device, N8 Fan Club will not be held responsible. We have tested this process several times and it worked for us 100%. We have created the video tutorial guide, watch the video carefully and follow the simple steps. If you are not familiar with the terms like: Phoenix, NaviFirm, Nokia Suite, Flashing, Dead USB Flashing, this guide isn’t for you! This flashing guide is also applicable for other Symbian Belle / Nokia Belle smart phones, including N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, E6, 500, 701, 603, 700 and 808. (If you are going to flash any other smart phone using this tutorial guide, make sure to change the firmware’s RM folder accordingly. RM version can be found on your phone’s back under the battery. For 808 its RM-807, for N8, its RM-596 and for others please locate it yourself)Steps to follow:

  • Download and install latest Nokia Suite (skip this step if your PC has already latest version installed)
  • Download and install latest Phoenix Service Suite 2012.24.000.48366_latest.exe
    • (Make sure to Disable Anti-Virus Application on your Windows based PC to avoid dongle errors)
  • You can download the default firmware either with NaviFirm (download the official firmware after looking-up for your device’s product code by dialing *#0000# from the dialer) or you can look-up for your favorite custom firmware for your Belle Smart Phone.
  • Place the official or custom firmware files in one of the following paths according to your Windows version.
    • For Windows 32bit version: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596\
    • For Windows 64bit version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596\
  • Run the Phoenix on your Windows PC and follow further steps from the video tutorial

We have shown two ways of flashing in our video tutorial:
1. USB Flashing in Nokia Suite Mode (your Belle Smart Phone must be powered ON and connected via USB cable in Nokia Suite Mode)
2. Dead USB Flashing – usually used when you have messed up your device flashing the custom firmware (your Belle Smart Phone must be switched-off, you must not connect the USB cable until and unless there appears a dialog box as shown below, once this dialog box pops up, immediately plug in the USB cable and at once push the power button on your device and then HIT OK, flashing process would initiate suddenly)