How to hack Nokia Belle FP2 (808, 701, 603, 700) to remove certificate & component is built in errors with & without Flashing?

Fix certificate and component built in errors
Fix certificate and component built in errors
We had Norton Hack and Trend Micro Unlock hacks to eliminate certificate errors until Belle FP1, but with the arrival of Nokia Belle FP2 firmware update for 2nd generation S^3 phones (808, 700, 701 and 603), these methods to hack no longer work and display component is built in error. Certificate errors and component built in errors are very common errors on Nokia Belle Smart Phones. They  usually occur when you’ll try to install unsigned mods / applications / games / widgets or modded applications on your Nokia Belle FP2 device or any other Belle Smart Phone.

Now we have three methods to hack Nokia Belle FP2 Smart Phones (808, 701, 700 & 603):
1. SafeManager Quick Hack – Removes Certificate Errors
2. SafeManager Slow Hack – Removes Certificate errors + Component is Built in Errors
3. Flashing Methods to hack Belle FP2.

1. SafeManager Quick Hack

1.  Install N8FanClub.com_Nokia Belle FP2 Hack_signed.sis, and all further installations on C:/ Phone Memory.
2. It will launch Safe Manager after installation, Select NO for all three options: Diagnosis condition, Auto Update, Activate AntiTheft.
3. Click on Other – File Manager – yes.
4. Go to E:/FP2hack, select updatedswicertstore.dat, press Options button and click on Copy.
5. Go to C:/resource/swicertstore/dat, press Options button a click on Insert, write, then ok, confirm inserting file and also confirm replacing (overwriting) file.
6. Go to E:/FP2hack (in x-plore or built in file manager) and click on RomPatcherPlus_3.1_FP2.sisx, so it will start install, RP+ install on C:/.
7. Launch RP+, apply patches and enjoy hacked phone.
Auto (Notifier) Function for RP+ Belle FP2 by Il.Socio
These additional files are for BELLE FP2 devices only.
After you placed these files in the c device, RP+ will show you an additional option ‘Auto (Notifier)’.
It is similar to ‘Auto (DomainSrv)’ and it will start the patches in early stages of the phone boot.
If you put a bad patch in Autostart, it could freeze your device and you could even be forced to reflash the firmware. RP+ has a recovery fault feature that should prevent these situations, but if you want to be sure, put your patches in the memory card, so, if something goes wrong you can just remove your memory and start the phone.

2. SafeManager Slow Hack (Also resolves Component is Built in Error)

  • Download N8FanClub.com_SafeManager Belle FP2 and extract to E:/Mass Storage
  • Install the N8FanClub.com_Safemgr_s60v3_3.80_signed-FREE.sisx to E:/Mass Memory other than the Phone memory. (The App is in Chinese Language, later we will replace some files to convert it into English language)

English Conversion of SafeManager App

  • Connect your phone in mass storage mode to PC.
  • Copy Private & Resource folders from following path to E:/Mass Storage and replace the folders if prompted.
    • English_Translation_SafeMGR > E > Private
    • English_Translation_SafeMGR > E > Resource
  • Open Safe Manager and click > Other > Select FileMgr

A bit tough and time consuming process starts here:

  • Access the follow folder and start copying the all files to C:/ in respective folders
    • Folder: “Copy ROM Patcher Files to C with SafeManager’s FileManager”
  • After copying all the files you’ll be able to see ROM Patcher icon in the MENU Grid.
  • Now the Patches folder to E:/Patches and you’ll be able to apply InstallServer and OPEN4ALL patches. Now you’ll be able to install all unsigned apps / mods / games without certificate errors.

3. Flashing Method to Hack

We have a fix for this issue, you’ll have to modify the ROFS2 firmware file and inject modified installserver.exe in that ROFS2 with the help of Nokia Cooker PC Application and you must Calibrate the CORE of the firmware. You must have a Windows based PC in order to follow this video tutorial.

Applicable for Nokia 808 PureView, 700, 701, 603, N8, E7, E6, X7, C6-01 and 500Note: N8, E7, E6, X7, C6-01 and 500 can still be hacked with Norton Hack and Trend Micro Unlock hacks

If you want to install unsigned mods / apps on your Belle FP2 device, you’ll have to watch the tutorial video and follow the simple steps.
Update: Please note that STEP 8 and 9 are not shown in the video, we have added them later in our written textual tutorial guide.
  1. You must be using Windows Operating System on your PC.
  2. Download the official Belle firmware with NaviFirmEx (The ex version doesn’t require to have .net framework installed on your PC, since its written in C++) according to your device.
  3. Download Nokia Cooker 2.9 from here and RUN it on your PC.
  4. Drag and drop the ROFS2 firmware file (the file ends with .ROFS2.fpsx extension) in Nokia cooker application as shown in the video, wait until Nokia Cooker has processed it completely.
  5. Now expand SYS folder and then right click on BIN folder, afterwards click on Explore as shown below, it will open up the BIN folder.
  6. Download Installserver.exe from here extract installserver.exe from the downloaded archive and paste it in the ROFS2/SYS/BIN folder, that you had opened in previous step.
  7. Now return towards Nokia Cooker and click on Save the firmware and wait for a while until Nokia Cooker re-builds the modified ROFS2 file (the file ends with .ROFS2.fpsx extension) for you.
  8. Now you’ll need to calibrate the CORE firmware file (the file ends with .core.fpsx extension) with NokiaCooker. Open the NokiaCooker PC App, open .CORE.fpsx firmware file with NokiaCooker  & from the top select Unlock Core, then change all the 3 values from 2B to 2C and save it. (Thanks Joy for the tip 🙂 )
  9. Now replace these calibrated .CORE.FPSX and modified .ROFS2.FPSX firmware files with default ones.
  10. Flash the modified firmware on your device with Phoenix. (Nokia Cooker will automatically generate the backup ROFS2 file for you in the same folder, in case you need it later, you can save it from there or you may delete it, like we did in the video.)
  11. Now you can surely Apply Custom Theme Effects on your Nokia Belle FP2 device.