QuasarMX Pro 1.09 Music Player Nokia N8 App Download

QuasarMX – it’s easy, fast and convenient music player, optimized for mobile! Provides many of the features available in modern desktop media players, such as a quick overview of the library and filtering, as well as the opportunity to work with large libraries. Compatibility: S^3 / Anna / Belle

QuasarMX is a fast and convenient audio player optimized for mobile devices.

* Intuitive swipe user interface
* Fast library overview and filtering
* Playlist management
* Supports many formats (MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, ALAC, etc.).
* Gapless playback
* 10-Band Parametric Equalizer
* Bass and Treble Booster
* High-quality audio reproduction with novel approach to preventing distortions
* Integration of external services like LyricWiki or Last.fm
* Cover Art Downloader

New Features:
• Added a volume balance feature (by popular demand);
• Added an experimental Dynamic Range Compression filter to raise overall volume while still trying to prevent clipping by using soft clipping for a tube-like saturation effect; ◦Note: The output quality will suffer due to the compression effect. Only use if you need to maximize the volume and have several enhancers enabled.

• The app now correctly remembers which item was selected and also restores the previous position in the playlist view upon restart or playlist switching;
• Optimized section/group scroller to not interfere with horizontal swiping.

• Fixed an issue in the NEON optimization of the parametric equalizer that could lead to incorrect volume on each channel (“balance bug”);
• Added a work around for a bug in Qt that causes settings to be lost when the system loses power or crashes otherwise ( https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-21739 );
• Fixed an issue that would cause corruption of the meta-data database;
• Fixed a crash when switching between playlists and/or managing them;
• Fixed the option to remove all downloaded cover art files in Settings > “Cache & Storage”;
• Fixed the section scroller in the playlist view to fall back to the grouping used in the cover art view when grouping in the playlist view is disabled;
• Fixed the playlist view to show artist and album info on each item in a group where the track artist differs from the album artist, ie. on compilations (“Various artists”)
• Fixed the playlist view to always show artist and album info when grouping is disabled.
• Fixed an issue in Cover Art Downloader that caused cover art image files to be overwritten and duplicated;
• Fixed a crash when no files in the playlist could be found (e.g. when SD card was removed);
• Fixed a crash in file scanner when recursively scanning directories that contain symlink loops;
• Fixed the screen rotation issue;
• Fixed the performance issue caused by aggressive allocation of texture memory.

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