How to Sign, UnSigned Apps / Themes / Games on Nokia N8 using FreeSigner?

How to Sign, UnSigned Apps / Themes / Games on your Nokia N8 using FreeSigner?

  1. Install FreeSigner (File can be found below) in your Nokia N8.
  2. Copy your certificate, key (acquired from here) and  any Unsigned Application to any folder on the your Nokia N8.
  3. After installing, open FreeSigner (in your Nokia N8).
  4. Click on option -> settings.
  5. In the settings screen fill the Sign Cert and Sign Key options by locating the certificate and key stored on your Nokia N8.
  6. Now add Application/Game/Theme (For signing).
  7. Click on option -> Sign Sis -> Go.
  8. After signing the file successfully, install the file on your Nokia N8.
  9. Now open App from application folder located in your Nokia N8.

Thats It! Installation will do its part without troubling you further.

Tutorial Guide with Images:

  1. Install Free Signer (from link given below – Signed version).
  2. Setup Free signer (As given in step 4 and step 5 in 1st method).
  3. Now tap on “Add Task”.
  4. Select the application that needs to be signed from the file browser.
  5. Tap “Options” and select “Add”.
  6. From the pop up menu select “Sign sis”.
  7. Tap on “Options” and select “Go”
Thats it! The signed application will appear in the same folder  as the unsigned application with ‘_signed’ attached to it (To identify it!). I hope this method would work for all those who were not able to install Unsigned Applications on their Nokia N8.

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