WinRAR for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones Free App Download

WinRAR is the great utility app for Nokia smartphones to compress and decompress zip and rar files. The ability to unzip and decompress files in general whilst on the go on the Nokia N8 is something truly great, especially if you regularly download or need to compress / decompress .rar or other associated files. This is especially true if you often find yourself sending files via your mobile phone that you need to make a smaller file size, whether it’s via email or something else.
A compressed file is a file that has been as the word states, compressed or rather made smaller and made into a format that isn’t of the original file. It saves more space compared to the original file on your hard drive or any other drive, meaning you can have more items on the drive before it’s eventually full. The general compressed filetypes are .rar, .zip and the uncommon .tar, .7z and .gzip, however the former 2 are used most.

I often send work related files from my Nokia N8 to my email, so i can access it when i need to via any other computer – i can then decompress the files and use them at will. Another great use for WinRar for the Nokia N8 is using it in combination with a torrent downloading app for the Nokia N8 as you may often find the files come downloaded in a compressed format – be it .rar, .zip, .tar or anything else that WinRar can handle.
Whether you want to compress or decompress, the mobile version of WinRar is one of the most useful applications on the Nokia N8. To download the mobile version of WinRar for your Nokia N8, scroll down to the download link to get your hands on this very useful application.