Swype 2.1.4436 Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Free App Download

Update from Swype Hey there Symbian users. We’ve made a small patch for those of you who’ve experienced the timeout on S^3 and S60. Click that download link over there to find the update. We’ll be watching the forums so reach out if you experience any problems. Thanks Symbian Swypers for all of your dedication, and I hope your Swyping. A long awaited update to Swype for Symbian is now available. We’ve taken your feedback from our first Beta, incorporated several cutting edge features currently available in Android, and come up with our best input solution yet for Symbian.

We’re still putting the final touches on Swype for Symbian 2.0, but we’re giving our Beta Labs user a sneak-peak. Download Swype for Symbian 2.0 Beta now to check out these exciting new features:

  • Portrait and split-screen support for devices with Symbian Anna
  • Cutting-edge predictive tap auto-correction engine
  • 30 downloadable language dictionaries
  • Many incremental UX changes based on Nokia and Android Beta Labs feedback
  • Hundreds of bug fixes. Too many to list!

All S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 devices are supported. Swype comes preloaded with English US, English UK, Spanish, Portuguese BR, and French CA. If you want to Swype in a different language, download one of our 30 additional language packs.

Here’s a summary of the features and major changes in this new version:
-Complete overhaul to the install / uninstall experience. Install to C:, SD Card, Mass Memory, etc, without a problem. (We still recommend you install to C)
-Critical Settings crash has been fixed
-Official Belle support
-Thai and Vietnamese language support
-Many small bug fixes to our Beta testers

Swype language dictionaries are back and better than ever. Swype comes preloaded with English US, English UK, Spanish, Portuguese BR, and French CA.

Please note: The following language dictionaries will NOT work with the public version of Swype on the Ovi store. Upgrade to Swype for Symbian 2.1 Beta before installing a language dictionary.

  1. Arabic
  2. Bulgarian
  3. Croatian
  4. Czech
  5. Danish
  6. Dutch
  7. Estonian
  8. Finnish
  9. French
  10. German
  11. Greek
  12. Hebrew
  13. Hungarian
  14. Icelandic
  15. Indonesian
  16. Italian
  17. Malay
  18. Norwegian
  19. Persian
  20. Polish
  21. Portuguese EU
  22. Romanian
  23. Russian
  24. Serbian
  25. Slovak
  26. Slovenian
  27. Swedish
  28. Thai
  29. Turkish
  30. Urdu
  31. Ukranian
  32. Vietnamese

Download Swype Symbian Dictionaries

Please note that Swype has been recently updated to fix the expiry & update issues, and is working fine on S^3 / Anna / Belle / Refresh / FP1 devices. FP2 devices still have some bugs with latest version of Swype like there appears no place to see what you have been typing / swyping.

Direct Download – Fixed unsigned version