SPP SlideUnlock Pro Edition 4.0.8 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed App Download

SlideUnlock (a sliding unlock tools) enhances your S^3 and S60 5th device with screen lock and unlock features, utility shortcuts on the lock desktop. It not only has different kind of unlock methods(keys, sensor), but also the gorgeous interface, DIY extensions. With energetic effect of the sliding, even unlock without touching, let you enjoy more than iPhone, Android phone and others.
* Modify the automatic locking conditions, only the idle screen or slide to unlock automatically set the lock time of the effective interface;
* Plus unlock sound effects to replace the default comparison for the more three-dimensional music section, low-key and calm feeling to experience better;
* Modify the long press red button to unlock, or sometimes white keys to unlock the hidden situation caused by sliding interface, QQ front click directly to the problem;
* To increase the skin background can select “Sync theme background” feature, use the sliding interface background and cell phone standby current theme has been the skin, this mode of operation principle of the more savings deposits, after all, do not call an at least 360 * 640 image into.
* On the terms set some items were considered and adjustments easier to understand operation.
* Revise and improve the 1.18 release most of the problems since all feedback and suggestions.
* Installer integrates four sets of classics in the default skin. In which the skin of a new pirate (User sea ghost design – blue perspective – recording all his works).
You can add more skins for SPP SlideUnlock Pro Edition from here.