CuteTube 1.10.10 Nokia N8 S^3 Anna Belle Free Download

cuteTube is a fully featured YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo & DailyMotion client that allows you to browse, search, play, upload and download YouTube videos. You can also manage your uploads, favorites, playlists and subscriptions. Supports 1080 and 720p video downloads from YouTube.

A fully-featured client for YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and Dailymotion with features that include: * Support for YouTube videos upto 1080P, and 720P for Dailymotion videos. * Access to your YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion accounts. * Share videos via Facebook / Twitter / Email. * Display videos posted to your Facebook and twitter feeds. Fix for UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER Navigate to Settings > Application Settings > Videos > Access point in use: NONE (Change it to the access point you want to connect, either WiFi / 3G / Edge / GPRS) Fix for unable to write to file bug: Create CuteTube folder inside Mass Memory E:/ and voila you can download videos without any glitches.

Change-logs v1.10.5:
– Removed the option to reply to youtube comments to comply with API changes
– Improved reliability of playback/download of Youtube Videos
– Fixed Facebook Login Error
– Enabled playback/download of most age-restricted YouTube videos.
– Fixed playback/download of Vimeo videos.
– Enabled account switching from within the ‘My Channel’ screen.
– Updated contact information in the ‘about’ dialog.
– Small user-interface fixes.
* Finally fixed playback Vevo videos!
* Added support for Vimeo
* Added option to use a network proxy.
* fixed daily-motion playback/download errors resulting from changes made by daily-motion.
* fixed error in behavior of toolbar when dialog are closed.

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