Video Tutorial: Trend Micro Security Unlock / Jailbreak / Hack for S^3 – Anna – Belle – FP1 Smart Phones to Remove Certificate Errors

How to Jailbreak / Unlock / Hack Nokia 808 to Fix Certificate & Component is Built in Errors
How to Jailbreak / Unlock / Hack Nokia 808 to Fix Certificate & Component is Built in Errors
This jailbreak / unlock hack tutorial will allow you to install unsigned applications / games / mods without any kind of certificate or component is built in errors on your Symbian Smart Phones (Anna, Belle, Belle Refresh & Belle FP1). For Belle FP2 you will have to use FLASHING METHOD. We will be using Trend Micro Mobile Security App to insert rom patcher drivers into C:/sys/bin which will further help to run rom patcher and you’ll be able to apply install server v1.7.rmp (fixes certificate errors), open4all.rmp (enables access to restricted system folders) and RunInstallServer.exe from C sys bin.rmp (fixes component is built in error) patches on your phone. We have also created the video tutorial guide. First watch out this 4 minutes video tutorial and then follow the step by step tutorial guide.
Warning: You must follow this tutorial guide at your own risk! We won’t be held responsible in case anything goes wrong with your Smart Phone!! We have tested all the steps on our device and they are 100% working fine on Nokia Belle FP1.


Warning: Make sure you do not pro-long the tutorial, follow it in the first attempt, and do not forget to immediately uninstall mobile security application at STEP 9, else you’ll stuck up with infinite boot-loops.1.

Run the default file manager and create HACKS folder in E:/

2. Download 808FanClub.com_Trend-Micro-Belle-FP1-Hack-Update(2-09-2012).zip and place this archive in E:/hacks/ by connecting your phone with USB data cable.
3. Run the default file manager and open the above mentioned archive from E:/hacks/.
4. Now install these three Apps in C:/
1. Belle FP1 Hack –
        3. Trend-Micro-Mobile-Security_6.05(1156)
5. Now run X-plore Application and expand C:/ drive
6. You’ll observe in C:/ drive, open it, mark all the files and extract them in C:/tmquarantine
7. Run Mobile Security Application and click on the options button, from the menu you’ll have to select Quarantine List.
8. Again click on options button and mark all three items namely and hit restore button, say YES to any warnings / overwrite prompts.
    a. patcherShadow.ldd
      b. patcherS3.ldd
      c. patcher.ldd
9.  Now immediately uninstall Mobile Security Application (it may create issues of restart loop, if you’ll keep it installed on your device)
10. Now you’ll have to navigate to E:/hacks/ and reopen 808FanClub.com_Trend-Micro-Belle-FP1-Hack-Update(2-09-2012).zip and install to C:/ Phone Memory.

Fix for Certificate Errors and Enable Access to Restricted System Folders

11.  On successful installation of ROMPatcher, run it from the menu and apply Install Server RP+ v1.7 and Open4All RP+ patches and voila your phone is hacked / unlocked / jailbroken to install any unsigned application and you are also given full read / write access to protected system folders such as SYS, PRIVATE & RESOURCE, but you’ll still face component in built in error while installing some modded widgets, to remove this error, follow the step number 12.
Warning: Do not play with protected system folders unless you know what you are going to do, deleting the important system files may stop your device from booting up. OPEN4ALL RP+ patch is responsible for unlocking protected system folders.

Fix for Component is Built in Error
12. With X-plore expand C:/ directory. You’ll see Click on it and extract SYS folder from to root C:/ as shown in the screenshots below and then Apply RunInstallServer.exe from C sys bin.rmp patch from ROM Patcher. ALL DONE!! Voila there will be no more certificate errors / expired certificate errors / component is built in errors and you’ll be able to install all unsigned apps / games / modded widgets.