Theft Aware 2.0.1 for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed App Download

Control and find your phone in the event of loss or theft. No subscription fees, no data transfer to 3rd parties, COOL Stealth Mode! Upon SIM card change, Theft Aware will invisibly send all the details of the thief. Theft Aware – ONLY anti theft solution that provides REAL INVISIBILITY! REMOTE COMMANDS – GPS tracking – Online map services support – Lock phone – Loud siren, customize the siren sound – Wipe phone – Backup contacts – Backup SMS – Phone calls you back – Implement own SMS commands.

Theft Aware also offers possibilities to remote control the phone by using SMS commands:

* Backup SMS that are important to you to another phone
* Let the phone call you back
* Implement your own SMS command
* Get the current GPS location of your phone if available
* Activate a loud siren, customize the siren sound
* Wipe the phone and erase all private data stored on it
* Backup all your contacts to another phone
* Get online map services links to Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or Microsoft Bing Maps
* Lock the phone (support for emergency calls during lock mode)