18 Popular Custom Mods and 73 Custom Fonts for Nokia N8 and other Belle Smartphones – Download & Tutorial

Here are some of the custom mods & custom fonts available for Nokia N8 and other Symbian Belle smartphones which Saurabh has combined together in one place along with the procedure to install them. Download package contains total 18 mods (10 Manual Mods, files need to be placed manually, while 8 sis installation mods) plus 73 Custom fonts for your Nokia Belle Smart Phone. First of all make sure that your Nokia Belle Device is fully hacked / jailbroken (Belle FP1 / Belle Refresh HackBelle FP2 Hack). (Check your phone’s firmware version by dialing *#0000# – For Belle Refresh / FP1 users we recommend Norton Unlock Hack & for Belle FP2 users we recommend SafeManager’s slow hack method that helps you remove component is built in error during installation of .sis mods). Compatible Belle / Refresh / FP1 / FP2 Smart Phones.

Warning & Disclaimer: These mods are only for advanced and experienced users. N8 Fan Club will not be held responsible in case something goes wrong with your smartphone by using these mods. Use them at your own RISK.

Manual File Placement Mods (Hacked / Jailbroken device is required – Belle FP1 / Belle Refresh Hack – Belle FP2 Hack), YOU MUST ENABLE OPEN4ALL patch from ROM Patcher for Manual File Placement mods to unlock SYS RESOURCE & PRIVATE folders in C:/Phone Memory) Details have been provided in the download package within every folder in the form of screenshot image, how to apply or use these mods.

1. 4×11 QWERTY keypad Mod

2. Allow Renaming Apps and Subfolder Creation Mod

3. Alphanumeric Speed Mod

4. Avkon2 by Shahspik Mod (Helps to change custom icons in the status bar)
Your are required to hack / jailbreak (Belle FP1 / Belle Refresh Hack – Belle FP2 Hackyour Nokia Belle device and then apply Power Patch to use .MIF or AVKON Mods.

5. Disable ‘No Connection’ / ‘Connection unavailable’ pop up Mod – Usually annoying popup occurs when you have online widgets like Email and Facebook on your homescreen or WhatsApp running in the background. This mod helps you to disable those annoying popups.

6. Dolby Digital Sound Mod

7. Unlimited Homescreens Mod

8. Lock Screen In Landscape Mode Mod

9. Disable Caption of Homescreen Shortcuts Mod

10. Save Clipboard After Reboot Mod

SIS – SISX / Installation Mods  – Hacked / Jailbroken device is required – Belle FP1 / Belle Refresh Hack – Belle FP2 Hack – Simply install these mods on C:/Phone Memory and Restart your Nokia N8 or any other Belle Smartphone.

11. FP1 Task Switcher Mod.sis

12. Belle Light TimeOut Extended to 60 minutes.sis

13. Camera Sound Mute.sis

14. Boost Kinetic Scrolling.sis

15. Max Performance Battery Life Mod.sis

16. Startup by Calm.sis

17. Startup by Zinger.sis

18. Send Protected Files via Bluetooth.sis

19. A huge collection of 73 Custom Fonts for your Nokia Belle device.

You are required to use FontZoomer Application to use Custom Fonts. Install FontZoomer Full Version and move the fonts to E:/FontZoomer or C:/Data/FontZoomer. Now you can easily switch to custom fonts with Font Zoomer App. In case Opera Mobile Browser stops working due to applying custom fonts with Font Zoomer App  you will be required to do additional steps. First apply default font via Font Zoomer App and then you need to do these steps: Make 15 copies of your fonts. Now rename each of these fonts differently exactly same as those in Z:/resource/fonts. Now move these fonts to C:/resource/fonts and restart your device. Done! Opera Mobile Web Browser will work fine after this