Nokia N9 Style Bootup Screen for Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – 808 PureView – Download

Calm & Zinger have created two bootup / startup screen mods for Symbian Smart Phones, one is similar to that of MeeGo Nokia N9 Style Bootup. They only work with unlocked / hacked devices with Norton Hack. Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones. To revert back to the default / original bootup / startup screen you will be required to uninstall the app from Application Manager.

Those who are having Component Built In issues: They must copy installserver.exe to C:/sys/bin if you are on Belle. Belle FP1 users cannot avoid Component Built in Errors, for Belle FP1 you need to extract the contents of SIS package and manually copy them to appropriate location. Note that OPEN4ALL patch must be enabled from ROM Patcher.

Click below to download