Dolby Digital Sound Improvement Equalizer Mod for Nokia N8 & other Belle Smart Phones

File Size: 257KB
This mod will help you to improve the sound quality and will also add up Hype, Lite, Loop and Maxx Drive Dolby Digital Equalizers on your Nokia N8’s Music Player. Your device must be unlocked / hacked / jailbroken in order to use this mod. Credit of this mod goes to: IllaNk Foxil Gank.

1. Hack / Unlock / Jailbreak your Nokia N8 either with TM-Unlock Hack or with Norton Unlock Hack.
2. Open ROM Patcher and apply OPEN4ALL Patch.
3. Extract the private folder from the downloaded archive to C:/ via X-plore and restart the phone.
4. Open any song in music player and you’ll be able to set the equalizer of your choice from the options.

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