How to Boost / Improve Kinetic Scrolling on Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle – Free Mod Download

This little mod helps you to boost up the Kinetic Scrolling Speed on your Symbian Belle Smart Phone. You  will observe huge difference during scrolling contacts, images in gallery and everywhere else where  kinetic scrolling applies. Special thanks to: Alcelad for creating this mod. Compatible with unlocked / hacked / jailbroken Belle Smart Phones via Norton Hack.

For Symbian Belle

Just install the following mod in C:/ Phone Memory. In case you are getting certificate / update error follow, you must unlock your device with Norton Hack.

Make sure to restart your device after installing this mod. 

For Nokia Belle Refresh / Belle FP1 / FP2

If you own Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 700, Nokia 701 or Nokia 603 you will have to follow the tutorial over here.