Apple iPhone 7 vs. Nokia N8 – Who is the Winner?

It’s been 7 years since the launch of Nokia N8 Symbian smartphone. Many of us still love this awesome device, due to its multimedia features, which no other device can compete, even the latest iPhone 7 cannot compete with the features that were offered in Nokia N8, 7 years back.

What are those features that are still exclusive to Nokia N8 and no latest smartphone either Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Apple iPhone 7 can compete with those amazing features. Let’s have a look at few multimedia features of Nokia N8 which are exclusive.

Nokia N8 vs. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Nokia N8 Exclusive Multimedia Features That Can Beat Apple iPhone 7

  1. Xenon Flash
  2. FM Transmitter (Play via Radio)
  3. HDMI Port
  4. Dual Charging Ports (Nokia Standard Small Pin and Android Style USB Charging)
  5. Can connect with charger with nokia standard small pin, connect with USB OTG and finally connect the HDMI port to view High Definition content on big screen.
  6. And yeah, there’s a 3.5mm audio jack too in Nokia N8, which isn’t part of iPhone 7 today 😉 😛

Now decide yourself who is still the Winner? 🙂

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