Swype Zeta 2 fixed for Nokia N8 S^3 Anna Belle Free App Download

Here comes Swype Zeta v2 by Anand Bibek that is fixed by Xeon custom firmware team. custom Swype skin. Enjoy the new look and feel of keypad on your S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phone. Previously Anand had released Gravity keyboard mod for Swype & Swype oMeeGo.

Must be installed on E:/ and your phone must be unlocked / hacked using Norton Hack.

Official specs:
Swype Version: Latest from betalabs. 2.1.4435
You can install this or the default Swype one over another, no need to uninstall anything.

Uncommon functions:
Extra functions: Slide from,
Swype key to F
Swype key to Symbol key
Swype key to Backspace

Direct Download