Another Rumor Of Nokia Coming Back in 2016 With Android

Nokia has issued a statement today reaffirming its intent to get back into the smartphone game, mostly reiterating statements made by the company’s CEO in June. However, the company’s plans revolve around finding the right licensing partner who will be responsible for manufacturing and distributing the phone — similar to how the Android-sporting Nokia N1 tablet came to be.

From Nokia:

The right path back to mobile phones for Nokia is through a brand-licensing model. That means identifying a partner that can be responsible for all of the manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer support for a product.

If and when we find a world-class partner who can take on those responsibilities, we would work closely with them to guide the design and technology differentiation, as we did with the Nokia N1 Android tablet. That’s the only way the bar would be met for a mobile device we’d be proud to have bear the Nokia brand, and that people will love to buy.

Given that Nokia turned to Android for its Nokia N1 tablet, it’s likely we can expect a new smartphone carrying the Nokia name to have Android on board as well. Unfortunately, if the idea of a new handset from Nokia piques your interest, you’ll be waiting a while. According to the deal penned with Microsoft when Nokia sold its devices and services business to the tech giant, Nokia isn’t allowed to re-enter the smartphone market until Q4 2016 at the earliest. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what comes out of the former phone giant when the time comes.

  • Zax Max

    that would be the best step for nokia smartphone..we are waiting

  • evilvw

    I’ve been waiting for a smartphone with a camera at least as good as the one in my Nokia N8. So far, nothing (other than Nokia PureView) even comes close.

    I retired my N8 for a BlackBerry Passport for the speed and the productivity, but the camera in the Passport is bloody awful.

    • RamPro

      same here.. no alternative found for nokia N8, still using it.

      But whatsapp support wont be there after 2016, so have to look for alternatives.. suggest me some phones if you find any plz..

      • evilvw

        There’s the Nokia 1020 Pureview if you can deal with a Windows Phone. The unit was discontinued a year ago, but they can still be found on Amazon and Ebay. The problem there is that Windows Phone 8.1 is the end of the line for it. PureView does not yet work under WP 10 yet (if ever), so it is pointless to use on the 1020.

        • RamPro

          any phone with android? which has good build, good camera, and reasonable price 😛 🙂

          • I am personally going with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

          • evilvw

            I recently started using a HTC 10. I have done some side-by-side photo comparisons between its camera and my N8, and for the most part it is very close. The N8 still does slightly better at extreme ranges (you can only tell the difference if you crop and zoom each sample to the extreme). The HTC does far better in handling high contrast and in shots closer than 100-feet, generally the HTC performs better. The laser autofocus on the HTC is many times faster and more accurate than the N8, as you would expect. The HTC has OIS rear and front and can also save photos to RAW format. It also has a “pro” camera mode which gives you manual focus, white balance, ISO, exposure, etc, etc. As for video, there is no comparison – the HTC shoots 4K. HTC really did a good job with this one.

          • evilvw

            The aluminum chassis of the HTC 10 is an industrial work of art, too, and the audio section is almost powerful enough to melt your brain on the headphone output. lol

        • Allen

          I have Windows 10 mobile installed on my 1020, with the Lumia Camera apps running smoothly on it.

          • evilvw

            That’s good to know. It is great that we can continue to get some good use out of the 1020 because it is excellent hardware.

          • Allen

            If you have the 1020, running 8.1, you are maybe better off. Window 10 Mobile is good but in a rough manner

  • Antonio Veras

    Come back Symbian!