Official Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 v111.030.0607 – Custom Firmware – English, Arabic and French Language Support – Posted by Ahmed Romiyo

Note: This guide is for PRO Nokia N8 users who have had experience of Flashing with Phoenix. Don’t try if you don’t know what you are trying to do!!

Shared by Ahmed Romiyo, Credit of Screenshots and Post goes to him.
 Please bear with this language, as it has been translated from Arabic to English via Google Translate.

1- You need to download this Original Official Belle , and Put the firmware files inside RM-596 folder in the following path. C:/Program Files//Nokia/Phoneix/Product/RM-596

2- Run Phoneix , Open Product , Flashing , Firmware update , […] , select file , Options
3- Edit UDA + Rof2 files by Edited ones which we posted in Download Links
4- Start Flashing with Phoenix [Dead USB Flashing]

Download Links [Original Official Belle] [UDA edited File] [Rof2 Edited File]

Change Log:  More features added
– Arabic, English and French language – Read and Write Support

– Unlimited Homescreens – Shows upto 6 homescreen points while you can add up more than 100 home screens.

-Support for resuming downloads

-Been working to make the screen saver Side view

-Been a buffer voice calls after flashing

-Mod has been added to show my call duration

-Added Mod Summary after call end

-Mod to increase the time of registration in the Registrar 12 hours and raise the quality

-Cache transfer from phone to Memory

-Repair run Java programs

-Mod was added to raise the record for conservation to 365 days and an optional manual

-Added program lock quick one-click icon KeyLock this wonderful flow Bella

-MemCheck has been added to check the ram and knowledge level just by one click

-Added Restart to restart the machine and closed with a single

-Mod has been added to make a new mobile phone vibrates after opening the caller shook one caller to notify you open a very beautiful

-Mod added option to stop camera sound options to disable camera sound

-Mod transfer cache memory online from the phone memory C to E, increase the capacity to 32 new Cache

-Increase the speed of the device and maintain the battery and Evch

-Added Mod JavaPermissionsMod useful programs java example program of opera when you want to download link always asked permission to enter the file manager

Just go to the Settings of Applications, and then Opera and then Settings and then place the options are always allowed

Been developed for the conservation of human
– increase the speed of the browser nicely, helping to open the sites quickly
– Add Arabic and French Dictionary
– speed up the rotation of the screen
– Allowaalrs strengthen it better than before
– Close the camera completely out of it until after the Atzhb of RAM

  • Added an influential new and wonderful
  • Deleted start_ovi the message that appears after flashing
  • Added Analog clock are also large and small
  • Been made widget transparent e-mail by 50% very cool!
  • Been Editted widget music transparent 50% awesome !
  • Fota File been deleted to provide 20 MB of the phone
  • Added Mod equalizer can the amendment to the levels of new
  • Mod has been added to restart the key fallow
  • Added widget wonderful notices to alert calls and messages