Symbian Belle 111.030.0607 for Nokia C7 – USB Flashing via Phoenix – Step by Step Tutorial Guide

How to Flash Symbian Belle 111.030.0607.02.01 on Nokia C7 via Phoenix

Thanks Syarm for ScreenShot
2. Download Nokia_C7_RM-675_RC_Belle_Euro3.rar from here. (Note that its not a hacked firmware, you need to manually hack it using Norton Hack)
3. Note that Your phone doesn’t need to be on Symbian Anna, it could be even on PR 1.0.
4. Make sure you have placed the above firmware files in folder path:
C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-675

5. Connect your Nokia C7 with USB cable in Nokia Ovi Suite Mode,
6. Run Phoenix and hit File > Scan Product
7. Make sure the connection mode is: USB1
8. Now goto Flashing > Firmware Update > Product Code: Hit on (…) button to select it and select OK.
10. Hit options button and a window will appear to set the flashing files and parameters.
You would notice two red files. One is *ROFS3.FPSX and the other one is *EMMC.FPSX
Delete the *EMMC.FPSX and manually edit *ROFS3.FPSX and replace it with the *ROFS3.FPSX file which you had placed inside RM-675 folder. Hit OK.

11. Now click on the Refurbish button to begin flashing process.

If in case, your Nokia C7 becomes dead during flashing Symbian Belle, you can revive it back using our DEAD USB FLASHING Tutorial.


  • Nokia C7-Belle 111.030.0607.02.01 Euro3 intact.
  • Nokia C7-Anna Rofs3
  • Included in the all-Rofs2 file. Hungarian yelvet the Russian and Euro3 versions contain.

Euro 3 language pack: Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak

Note: Since this is a leaked and unhacked version of Symbian Belle for Nokia C7, it would only work on Nokia C7. It could void your phone’s warranty. Once upgraded to Symbian Belle, there is no way out to downgrade to Symbian Anna for Nokia C7. However, when the official version of Belle would arrive for Nokia C7, you’ll be able to flash that via Phoenix on your device. We would recommend to wait for the official release, if you are so much curious to get Belle on your C7, you can try it at your own Risk.

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