Nokia Tune Dubstep Remix Won’t Replace Original Nokia Tune – 10 Amazing Nokia Tunes for Download

An Italian DJ Sizzi is about to become a global hit after winning the Nokia Tune competition. ”Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition”

A poll has been conducted by MyNokiaBlog to justify the uncertain winning of this Ringtone entry, we didn’t like it either.

The question was: Do you like the new Nokia Tune, dubstep remix?
917 people voted a big NO while 246 liked the new ringtone.

Today Nokia has also justified that that Nokia Tune, Dubstep Edition will only be added as an option on 100 million new Nokia devices and it will not replace the original Nokia Tune.

Sizzi has won $10,000 cash reward for this Dubstep Edition of Nokia Tune. While 5 runner up versions of Nokia Tune have won $1000 cash reward and will be indexed on Ovi Store.

N8 Fan Club has collected the 10 amazing Nokia Tunes which had entered the contest. You might like to set them as your ringtones. You can download them below.

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