Universal Search Beta 2.39.188 – Symbian^3 – Anna – Nokia N8 – Beta Version App Download

Try the latest Universal Search Beta a quick shortcut to information on your phone, in the cloud and on the web. We recently updated the Universal Search Client and addressed some of the critical performance issues you had brought to our attention (i.e. client freezing).

Specifically we have worked on the following:

  • Application freezing
  • Smart Widgets crashing
  • And interference with the Email client.

Please note we have not included email search with this release due to the issues it was causing. This is by no means the final product and we continue to look for your feedback on how to improve the experience beyond the basic performance issues which we have addressed.

Search smarter. Get results you’ll use.

Everything is just a tap or two away with Universal Search Beta—making your Nokia phone your tool for planning and doing, finding and going. Just enter a query from the home screen for personalized results and suggestions as you type. You’ll discover all the information you need, whether it’s on your phone or the web. And because it’s your phone, Universal Search Beta is smarter—using your location, usage and preferences to deliver the results most important to you. Universal Search Beta results work seamlessly with the applications on your Nokia phone, so you can act immediately. Just tap to call a friend, download a game, map an address or browse the web. It’s that simple.

Discover what you’re looking for—in just a few taps

  • Faster Search
  • search for music
  • Find people, places and content, whether on your phone or on the web
  • See suggestions as you type, even if you’re not sure of the spelling
  • Search the web from the home screen or any browser URL bar
  • Go right to your content with Smart Contact and Smart App widgets—shortcuts automatically populated and updated based on your activity

Smarter Results

  • search for restaurant
  • Use one search box for your phone, apps and the web
  • Scan results and suggestions consolidated in a single interface
  • Find what you really want, with smart result ranking that learns as you use it
  • Review your options easily with grouped close-match suggestions
  • Continue to refine your search and results adjust automatically

More Useful

  • search for contact
  • Take action with a tap right from your search result
  • Use applications without launching them separately
  • Access directions and location-based details instantly
  • Find and use games and music with just a character or two in the query box.

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