First Four Winners of Nokia N8 Producers Contest Announced

The incredible journey of finding the N8 producers sees the first four named by the Nseries blog. They all deserve it in my eyes, and what’s great is that two of them I’ve not seen before and they are both spectacular and jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Entry: N8 Edit

N8 Producer: Lénaïc Maréchal. One of the first N8 Producers videos that inspired many to see just what is capable from N8. It was also one of the first vids in the competition where you’d think…”was this really shot on a phone?”

Entry: I can show you
N8 Producer: Icaro1
Another one we’ve seen recently is “I can show you”

This is a new one to me, but it’s by Keirux who also brought us the mesmerising N8 dreams

Entry: Waking up to life
N8 Producer: Keirux

And another new one I just saw last night for the first time. A blend of N8 raw capture and seriously skilled video editing.

8 winners will be selected by Nokia and a 9th will be picked being based on who got the most likes.

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