Nokia N8 vs BlackBerry BlackPad Tablet

Both phones suppose to be launching in the Q3 of this year. Both are rivals and surprisingly both are always delayed. These 2 are also said to have a new platform but all I know is that the N8 platform is made by the regular experienced Symbian.
The displays also battling with each other with the Blackberry in the lead with 3.8 inches and the N8 falling behind with 3.5 inches but not much of a difference for me if you ask.
Both phones are expensive but kind of worth it, the Nokia N8 being pre-ordered at $549 and the Blackberry is hoped to be priced at $500, but only the N8 is pre-order-able right now.
According to rumours, this Tablet will not have mobile connectivity or in other words no Sim Card functionality. Hackers are hoping to connect the Tablet with other Sim Card function able devices. Can this new release bring back the reputation destroyed with the banns and many more? Only time will help us with the answer .The Tablet will have 4GB internal memory and should be able to take a MicroSD card, well thats what my sources tell me.
In other news, the manufacturers are hoping to sell 2 million of these devices a month after the availability date and 8 million during the course of next year, 2011 which is an unbelievable rate of expectations.
I can’t say that the BlackPad has beaten the N8 because I don’t yet know all its capabilities, all I can say is that stay tuned to this website for more on this topic.