Delight Belle Refresh Custom Firmware for Nokia N8 – Download & Flashing Tutorial Guide

Delight Belle Refresh Flashing Tutorial Guide for 
Nokia N8

Delight Belle Refresh v111.040.1511 Custom firmware for Nokia N8 has just arrived. Earlier we had tried XEON Belle Refresh CFW on our Nokia N8 upon user recommendations and it is still awesome. Only limitation in Xeon CFW was unavailability of multiple languages. For the sake of change  you guys can try out Delight Belle Refresh custom firmware on Nokia N8 which has latest updated widgets and supports multiple languages.

You have the flexibility to download your desired language set (ROFS2) before flashing and replace it with the one present inside the default CFW package. Detailed change-logs are available below. Before you start following this tutorial, we recommend you to have a look at Cfficial Nokia Belle Refresh Change-logs.


Credits: huellif, freaxs_r_us & nicesoni_ash.

Changelog v6.099
  • the greek capital letter “Δ” (delta) was missing in the font
  • renaming profile was fixed
  • gallery exclude /effects folder mod
  • fixed spanish & latin american spanish & finnish widget list
  • 5 pages symbols mod translated to ALL languages
  • translate commlauncher in widget list
  • fix translation of Email small / 1 line in all languages
  • fixed chinese and taiwan chinese and ready for FIRST release
  • gallery doesn’t show broken img’s anymore
  • show hidden apps done
  • Delight Menu now changeable through resolver
  • Tethering for USA enabled
  • 22 Equalizer sets added by viral
  • easy “updater” app by huellif
  • x-plore default language set to english
  • fixed effects issues
  • Gallery widget skin now runs from C:\ (it’s included into resolver Skin Switcher)
  • erased pre-set feeds
  • added Delight Blog posts feed & Delight Blog comments feed
  • some other small fixes
Delight Belle v6.0 Changelog:
Integrated ROMPatcher 3.1 (incl. Domainsrv autostart)
Integrated installserver.exe
Modded autostart (removed system apps), added ROMPatcher
Full close system apps
Added useful ROMPatches
ID3 and EQ editor mods
added ported Anna and S^3 screensavers (Animation, Slideshow and Music Player)
Anna soundparameters and more volume
No keylock vibration (removable, check delight FAQ in Additional Files folder)
Tacticle feedback while calls (removable, check delight FAQ in Additional Files folder)
Delight animation and sound in C:\data\Animations\, you can replace/remove it
Use startup.mif/.mp3 and shutdown.gif/.mp3 and enable warning sound in active profile.
– Unlocked menu (create subfolders and rename apps)
– Akncapserver mod
– No USB popups
– Fast theme switcher
– Reduced Qt popupfader
– No Ovi signup/SMS
– FP1/2 taskmanager
– Symbols in powerbuttons
– Filemanager extender mod
– Smilies across all applications
– Predic on E
– exclusive delight theme effects in e:\effects, big thanks to our team member Allstar12345
– Swipolicity mod (more rights)
– Heapsize and Closing delay mod
– Strategist camera mod (small size, high quality)
– No active diverts
– Music folder search in E:\music\ and F:\music\
– Skip e:\effects in Gallery
– Music Player Heapsize 30MB
– Infinite Browser cache on D:\
– Voice Recorder mod (5 hours max, 256kbit/s)
– Sysap.exe 3.0 by CODeRUS (restart via power menu, disabled all popups)
– No lock/unlock vibration
– Unlimited SMS sending retries
– Send protected files
– Java permissons mod
– ported FP1 keyboardskin
– extended maxiumum SMS length to maximum
– Nokia Pure font (we will integrate delight font in next update)
– added Slippery Scrolling mod (you can remove it via deleting C:\private\10202be9\persits\20021192.cre
– modified CPU and GPU config (for best batterie time)
– By default one empty homescreen with Delight wallpaper, max. 10
– Disabeld product improvment
– Disabled screensaver
– Delight menu, A-Z order
– Disabled charching notes
– Light time-out 600 secons
– Screen/keylock time-out 10 minutes
– Disabled FOTA cache
– Dialer & FM landscape
Deleted apps:
– Nokia Social
– F-Secure
– Youtube
– Nokia Music
– Joikuspot
– Microsoft Communicator
– NFC tutorial
– Adobe Reader
– Quickoffice
New apps:
– Updated Nokia Store to latest
– Modified backup & restore and resolver from original delight are included
– X-Plore (with custom settings and icon by BelleXDesigns)
– Connectivity Analyzer
– WebSearch Ultimate Lite
– Internet Radio
– SIP VOIP extended settings
– MIFEditor (hidden from menu)
 Widgets added: 
– Anna Notifications (incl. Belle Icons)
– Anna Notifications 2*2
– Calendar small
– Clocks: analogue – small, profile, small digital, text small
– Contacts: mini, comms
– Small: DLNA server, WIFI, FM-Transmitter
– Internet Radio
– Mail One Line and Two Line
– Music player, compact
– Search and Search Mini in ROFS
– Vertu Apps Launcher
Skins from:
– Xinox
– Kang Shao
– SelvaSathyam
You can replace all skins which are in C:\resource\apps with your own (without wasting RAM via joshlog/iChris patch).
To restore default/delight skins check Delight resolver documentation.
Some widgets need joshlog or flashing: all email, all contacts and bookmarks widget.

How to Flash Delight Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 on Nokia N8


1. Download & Install Phoenix from here: PSS 2012.50.000.49146_latest.exe
(Make sure to disable your Anti-virus to avoid Insert Nokia Dongle Error)

2. Download and extract the files in RM-596 folder.


(Note that this firmware is pre-hacked, you are not required to hack / unlock it using Norton Hack)
3. Copy that extracted RM-596 folder in the following folder path:
C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-596
(If RM-596 folder doesn’t exist, you need to create RM-596 folder yourself and paste the firmware files inside it)
4. Now connect your Nokia N8 in Ovi Suite Mode with USB cable and run Phoenix
5. Goto File and hit Scan Product (wait for some time)
6. Proceed to Flashing and hit Firmware update.
7. Select the firmware product code with three dots (…) (Select: 0599842: euro2_gr_germany) and click OK. (Don’t worry for the product code, it can be any one)

Click to enlarge
8. Now hit the options button, just beneath SW Reset button and a window will appear.
– Delete: RM-596_M005.50.emmc.fpsx as show below
Click to enlarge

9. Now Click either on Refurbish or Software Reset button (For Windows 8 users only Software Reset  button will function) (Refurbish button will just update the firmware and your installed apps on E: will come back gradually, while software reset won’t bring back the apps, you had to re-install all the apps on E:).

Note: The flashing process would start and might ask you to disconnect USB cable and connect it again and slightly push the power button on N8 to initiate flashing Nokia Belle Refresh Custom Firmware. Flashing would hardly take 3 – 5 minutes on an average PC. Enjoy the Nokia Belle Refresh CFW on your Nokia N8 with all new widgets. (The flashing process is similar for every Nokia Belle Device, however you cannot use firmware of one device on any other device)

After flashing process, turn on your Nokia N8 set the region / date / time and allow the device to work on phases, it will take couple of mintues and will reboot automatically for once. Now you can start using your device with new custom firmware.

Languages in this Firmware:

Almost all languages are there, you have to select the ROFS2 firmware file of your desired language and replace it with the ROFS2 file in the custom firmware package.

  • Instructions:

1. Just get the download from first post by huellif
2. get the translated files from me in your language
3. exchange the rofs2 you got from me with the one in the full cfw set

  • Translation features:

– ALL needed standard files in your language (if provided by Nokia)
– ALL needed modded files that need translating to work
– IF TTS (text to speech) is available in your language, then it is included
– ALL translations have english as base files
– all writing and keyboard files
– all dialer files
– added ecom-3-0.spi which can handle ALL languages
– translated all new widgets and corrected old ones (I corrected over 500 strings)
– text clock widgets in your language; translations by wirer
for now only 02, 03, 04, 17, 18, 25, 26, 27, 42, 54, 68, 76, 79 … maybe more later

  • Known “Issues”:

– Third party Applications, for example: ROM patcher+, are not translated
– in more than 1 language packages there will be only english text clock
– metadatamod equalizer mod in english
– rarely used languages, such as galician, basque, canadian french, chinglish & taiwan english are not made

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I am using another Belle Refresh CFW (111.040.1511), will I have to downgrade first?
A: If you are using another Belle Refresh CFW based on v111.040.1511 (for instance Xeon Belle  Refresh or PVN’s CFW), you won’t be required to downgrade, just flash this firmware. Even if you are using AminKing v11 till now, you can  simply flash it using the flashing method as mentioned above, no downgrade is required.

Q: I  want to return back to Official Nokia Belle Refresh v111.040.1511, what to do?
A: Just download Official Nokia Belle Refresh Firmware
 v111.040.1511 from NaviFirm and flash it in the same way with Phoenix.

Q: Can I downgrade this firmware? In case I want to return back to Symbian Anna? 
A: Yes you can downgrade using this downgrade tutorial over here.

Q: My Nokia N8 went dead after following this guide, what to do?

A: First of all, don’t worry, try to Flash your Nokia N8 in DEAD USB Mode. It will be fine.
Q: Will updating to this CFW or Downgrading from CFW to PR 1.0 erase my all data from the phone?
A: NO! Your data would remain preserved in E:/ MASS MEMORY, however backup of your important data is always recommended.
Q: My phone doesn’t scan for music / songs after flashing this CFW? 
A: Place all your music files in E:/Music

Q: Where should I place the custom theme effects after flashing this firmware?
A: Extract your custom theme effects in E:/effects

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  • siman94

    Does this work on nokia 500 belle refresh??

  • kmk

    Can I disable menu animations? Because change to landscape mode took ages and it looks ugly to me. I want to work fast without fancy animations.

    • Surely you can disable theme effects from settings 》themes 》options 》 theme effects 》off

      • kmk

        Ok thx, and another question. Can I switch to next song with holding volume button? I’m used to it form SE phone and normal nokia player can’t do it.

        • Probably you can use music player controls in your handsfree or just swipe right or left at the song cover to switch the song 🙂


    is this firmware in english…???
    and after installing it can we update the softwares in it using store….and if we want can i switch back to belle refresh…..

    • Yes, this is in English 🙂

      • AKASH


  • j.birkenstock

    Thank you for the Version,
    one Question: I just loaded the version on my phone and since than my volume in the music player is really loud, so that even on the lowest level it’s still too loud. How can I change that?

    • You have to use ROM Patcher and locate Max & Min Volume Patches, apply one by one & check your sound level.

      • j.birkenstock

        Thanks for the fast response, but when I open the ROM Patcher I can only find the Patch HighLevelVolumeFix, which seems to fit, but when I apply it nothing really changes…
        Do I have to add these patches or download them somewhere?

  • Vamsi Patil

    recently am installed delight in my mobile., sound in headset too low., gave me some solution., or sujjest any other player., atleast ttpod is not giving good sound in headset

  • i have a wierd problem…. after the installation the screen is upsidedown and it restart after load (Nokia C7)

  • JSymbian

    Where do I get the widgets on this CFW?

  • Please use volume max and min patches from ROM Patcher, then try to increase or decrease volume to see the changes.

  • kathir.antigravity

    I have problem with Email sync on my N8. Automatic syncing is happening only on home network. It stops while on roaming. But i don’t see any option to sync/no sync on roaming.. please help

  • its saying context.dll file missing! Please help

    • Make sure to turn off your antivirus before proceeding with the installation of Phoenix.

  • shah

    dear sir
    i’ve tried both xeon n delight,both GREAT!!
    just 1 problem i faced.,while running garmin xt.,there’s no KEY PAD display to search for places. b4 this in standard belle i used, no problem like this

    guide me.,please


    • Yes that issue exists and there’s no solution for it so far.

      • shah

        dear sir

        i’ve explore to other webpage, found this solution, and i works for me.

        hope u dont mind sharing here:

        1. while running garmin, press and hold menu button until TASK MANAGER appears
        2. choose back to garmin
        3 click at the place where the words suppose to appear
        4 then the keypad suddenly appear
        Credit to guys from

        hope you can understand my BAD instruction here

        p/s: plz keep posted if you find other solution

  • Stéphane Bhérer

    It would be very nice to maybe revise it slightly. Installation of “situations“ app. have it’s Bluetooth module not accessible even with the newly ver 2. I “re-flashed“ but this time with xenon CFW and “situations“ app is working full capacity on it. Besides that delight is very fast and well organise and the post flashing progress notifications before ready to use is exceptional.

  • Brian O Conner

    Admin i have delight on my n8 and the problem is that i have more than 800 mp3 songs and it’s detecting only 343 and after hitting refresh from music player it displays a message “out of space”
    “0 files found” please tell me solution

  • faiz shaikh

    i tried flashing process bit it failed.
    following error im getting in phoenix

    FUR: ALGO reported error in Control Frame. Unable to continue.
    ERROR: Programming error reported for asic CMT
    — Error Type 0x02
    — Error Specifier 0x12
    — Offending Addr 0xFFFFFFFF
    — Expected content 0x0000FFFF
    — Detected content 0xFFFFFFFF
    User Data Area erasing failed
    Unable to flash phone 0x8401F173
    Starting to recover the phone


  • Anonymouse

    hi! i have a problem about my new delight cfw in my n8 after connecting to my pc to save music all the files inside the mass storage became .lnk do i fix this??thank you..

    • Prakash

      .lnk is created by a virus in your pc. It attacks mass storage devices’ folders and makes them system folder, and enables read only & hidden attributes. It then creates same name .lnk (shortcuts) which will intern keep the virus alive in your pc if you double click it. Al your files and folders are intact. You can view them by enabling show hidden files and folders & show system files options from folder options.


    Where is file “RM-596_M004.56.emmc.fpsx” ?

    without this file i dont have E: mass memory

  • Mikhail Kriel

    cant set animated wallpapers

  • Andrei Iacovita

    download link for Delight v6.099.exe is broken
    can u please fix it. tnx

  • Andrei Iacovita

    download link for Delight v6.099.exe is broken
    can u please fix it. tnx

  • Andrei Iacovita

    it says that the account is suspended

  • Ashoaib

    Hi there,

    I have purchased Nokia N8, sealed pack. I want to update it to symbian belle refresh, but I come to know that microsoft has terminated the service from december 2015. My phone is on Symbian^3. I would like to know that if I will update it to Delight Belle Refresh Custom Firmware v6.099 for Nokia N8. Will the camera software get updated too? Can I try to flash V6.099 directly from Symbian^3? Please help

    • Hi

      I will suggest you to go with Xeon Custom Firmware. You can directly upgrade from Symbian 3 to Belle Refresh.