Swype 2.1.4436 Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Free App Download

Update from Swype Hey there Symbian users. We've made a small patch for those of you who've experienced the timeout on S^3 and S60. Click that download link over there to find the update. We'll be watching the forums so reach out if you experience any problems. Thanks Symbian Swypers for all of your dedication, ...

Google HD Browser 1.86 for Nokia N8 & Belle Free App Download

Google HD Browser is the ultimate app that let you browsing the High Quality Google HTML5 version, optimized for touch devices, it will brings the best of Google to your Nokia device, and you'll be able to use Google Search HD, Gmail, Google Maps, Google+, Google Translator and much more more...  Browsing Google Apps will ...

Volter Rain Sounds 1.20 for Nokia N8 S3 Anna Belle Free App Download

Volter Rain Sounds app contains Sounds of the rain used that will help you relax before going to sleep or while you’re having rest. To fully enjoy this application, please, use headphones. Changelog v1.20: -Small fixes -UID changed, please uninstall previous version before update! Direct Download N8FanClub.com_RainSounds_v1.20_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_RainSounds_v1.20_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_RainSounds_v1.20_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_RainSounds_v1.20_Signed.sis

qMetro 0.71 for Nokia N8 S^3 Anna Belle Free App Download

qMetro is a simple subway map for searching stations and calculating route. About 200 maps of subways are available. Maps have an open format and can easily be edited or created. By default the package includes one map of Moscow city subway, but you can easy download other available maps into this app. Compatible with S^3 / Anna ...

qooSaver 1.54 Screensaver for Nokia N8 S3 Anna Belle Free App Download

qooSaver is a customizable screen saver application for Nokia N8 & Symbian Belle smartphones. Features: - Clock, Weekday and Date - Current profile - Battery status, Bluetooth - SMS and missed calls - missed Whatsapp chats - next alarm times - 4 Text sizes - 7 Colors ChangeLog v1.5.4: - Fixed startup - Night mode: option for alarm time left Direct Download N8FanClub.com_qooSaver_v1.54_S3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_qooSaver_v1.54_S3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_qooSaver_v1.54_S3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis N8FanClub.com_qooSaver_v1.54_S3_Anna_Belle_Signed.sis

Crystal Mountain 1.52.2 for Nokia N8 S3 Anna Belle Free Game Download

Crystal Mountain is a 3D puzzle game. Navigate your way through 42 levels of increasing difficulty. Turn-based, no fast reflexes required. Saves your high scores and a replay of each successful level. Direct Download N8FanClub.com_Crystal_Mountain_1.52(2)_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Crystal_Mountain_1.52(2)_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Crystal_Mountain_1.52(2)_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Crystal_Mountain_1.52(2)_unsigned.sis

Treasure Beach 1.0 for Nokia N8 S^3 Anna Belle – Free Game Download

Your journey starts here. Search for ancient secrets and treasures that are buried in the sand. It's a hot day and you'll need to drink a lot. Let's collect some fruit and make delicious smoothies to quench our thirst. Treasure Beach contains over 20 different game modes that test your speed, reasoning and memory. Fun for all ages! Direct ...

Speedfest 1.50 for Nokia N8 S^3 Anna Belle – Free Game Download

Get ready for the smoothest driving experience on your mobile phone! Speedfest straps you on to a rocket-sled going at breakneck speeds, your mission is to evacuate stranded personnel from a deep space research outpost before a collapsing sun scorches the planet. Don't waste any time, speed is of the essence! Direct Download N8FanClub.com_Speedfest_1.50_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Speedfest_1.50_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Speedfest_1.50_unsigned.sis N8FanClub.com_Speedfest_1.50_unsigned.sis Old Signed version N8FanClub.com_Speedfest_v1.1_Signed.zip