Steel Widgets by Carpenter’s Son for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones – .MIF Widgets Download

File Size: 5.85MB

Here comes a mega steel widgets pack from carpenter’s son. Your phone must be unlocked / jailbroken / hacked with either TM Unlock or Norton Hack to install these widgets on your Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle. You can also use Power Patch and replace .MIF files in E:/resource/apps

Contents of Download Package are:

  • analogclock MIF, SIS
  • BatteryStatus MBM
  • BigAnalogueClock MIF, SIS
  • Bookmark MIF, SIS
  • Bluetooth Toggle MIF, SIS
  • Buttons – LocerIcon, Reboot MIF
  • Calendar Large MIF, SIS , White Fonts
  • Small Calendar MIF, SIS, White Fonts
  • Cellular Toggle MIF, SIS
  • Contact MIF, SIS
  • digitalclock MIF, SIS
  • digitalclock Medium MIF, SIS
  • digitalclock Small MIF, SIS
  • E-mail MIF, White Fonts
  • FlipClock MIF, SIS
  • FM Radio MIF, SIS
  • FM Transmitter Toggle MIF, White Fonts
  • MechanicClock MIF, SIS
  • MobileDataTracker MIF, SIS
  • MusicPlayer MIF, SIS
  • Network Toggle MIF , SIS
  • Notes MIF, SIS, White Fonts
  • Offline Toggle MIF, SIS
  • Operator MIF, SIS
  • PlayTo MIF, SIS
  • Profiles MIF, SIS
  • RSS Feed MIF, SIS, White Fonts
  • Social MIF , SIS, White Fonts
  • TextClock Rus SIS
  • Silent Toggle MIF & SIS
  • Weather MIF & SIS
  • Wlan Toggle MIF