10 Manual Software Updates for Nokia Belle FP2 Smartphones – 808 PureView, 701, 603 and 700 – Download Now

Nokia Belle FP2 Manual Updates: Gallery Sharing, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Qt Web Kit 4.8.2 & Colorizit Application


Update: New Home Screen Widgets for Belle FP2 are now available

Update: Gallery & Camera Improvement Updates for Belle FP2 are now available.

Nokia Belle FP2 devices have recently received minor software updates. If you were not lucky enough to get all those updates on your Belle FP2 smartphone, do not worry, we have packed all these updates in single download package. Make sure to install them in the numeric sequence. These Belle FP2 updates include: Gallery Sharing, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Qt Web Kit 4.8.2 & ColorizIt Application. Big thanks to: huellif

Warning: These updates are only meant for smartphones with Belle FP2 OS (Check your phone’s OS version by dialing *#0000# – Belle FP2 Smartphones are Nokia 808 PureView, 701, 603 and 700). You must not install these updates on any other Belle Refresh / FP1 device. Though you can only install Qt Webkit 4.8.2 and Colorizit App on Belle Refresh / FP1 smartphones.Contents of download package include:
1. QtWebkit_4.8.2_signed.sisx
2. ShareFW_11.1.21_signed.sisx
3. Facebookshare_12.0.9_signed.sisx
4. Twitterplugins_10.0_signed.sisx
5. Flickrplugins_10.0.13_signed.sisx
6. Googleplugins_12.0_signed.sisx
7. Renrenplugins_10.0.14_signed.sisx
8. SinaPlugins_10.0.1_signed.sisx
9. ColorizIt_1.2.9_signed.sisx
10. Colorizit2_1.2.8_signed_shortcut.sisx


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