Nokia 808 PureView’s Camera User Interface for Belle FP2 Smartphones – Nokia 700, 701 & 603 – Download

iChris701 has ported Nokia 808 Pureview’s Camera UI for other Belle FP2 smartphones namely Nokia 701, 603 and 700. This mod requires your phone to be hacked / jailbroken. It will only replace the camera user interface of Belle FP2 smartphones. If you are not satisfied with the performance of this mod, you can simply uninstall it. This mod won’t give you the ability to capture the images by PureView technology, since the mod will only replace the user interface of camera application. Please also note that this mod will not be working on any Belle Refresh / FP1 smartphones (You can check your phone’s OS name by dialing *#0000#)

How to install?

  • Your Belle FP2 phone must be unlocked / hacked with SafeManager Slow Hack
  • Install PureView Interface Mod FP2_unsigned.sis to C:/Phone Memory
    • (If you are facing component is built in error, open this folder from the download package “PureView Interface Mod fp2 manual placement of files” and manually copy the files / folders on C:/Phone Memory with X-plore App – Only possible after applying OPEN4ALL patch from ROM Patcher)
  • Restart your phone

Change-log v1.1.2
-Video player bug fixed !
– Image quality and size increased.
– Additional 30 MP + Settings. of-course images will not be of 38 MP , but you will see amazing changes in images.
– Full Cam UI Port From 808 FW v113 to 701 FW v113
– All new set of settings of “PureView” + “Full Resolution”
– All New aspect ratio Settings.
– Imaging effects from 808
– Saturation & contrast settings from 808