Ravensoft Tweet S60 Pro 1.52.4 – Signed – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

File Size: 2.03MB

Using twitter on the go? Then Tweets60 is for you. This easy to use tool will make Twitter more accessible, is quicker than the mobile site and includes all essentials you need to get twittering on the goplus the ability to create Twitter searches and post images to TwitPic. Finally you can share your thoughts with friends and colleagues – whenever, wherever – no excuses.

If you’re having problems logging into Tweets60 1.50 caused by your browser crashing, you can try disabling “Java/ECMA script”, this should stop the web browser crashing.

This can be done via:

Web > Options > settings > General > Java/ECMA script

-Added popup menu options back to ‘Options’ menu to resolve issues with screen reader compatibility.
– Fixed issue with not updating user icons when parsing direct messages.
– Fixed issue with not starting on some devices.

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