Belle Multi-Menu Mod 1.4 – Nokia N8 – Symbian Belle – Free Mod Download

Belle Multi-Menu Arrangement mod lets you arrange your Symbian Smart Phone’s menu in a cool way. Compatible with unlocked / hacked Belle Smart Phones only.

Warning: You should continue applying mods at your own risk, if something goes wrong, N8 Fan Club won’t be held responsible.

* Make sure your device is unlocked / hacked with Norton Hack.
* Make sure to take backup before you install this app, (You’ll be required to enable OPEN4ALL patch from ROM Patcher to complete this step) Go to -> c:\private\200113dd\content\ and copy matrixmenudata.xml to a safe place for putting it back later if needed.
* Install & Select only 1 (ONE) option in the options menu.
* After every install you must restart your phone to get the settings running.
* It’s best to uninstall the previous menu & restart again before you install a new menu (But you can also install a new one over the old one and restart, most off the time it will work, but previous installed files will not be removed until you install the correct menu & uninstall it)