ThemeFX 2.0 – Easily Change Theme Effects on Nokia N8 – Symbian Belle – Free App Download

As it is a little uncomfortable to change Theme Effects right now, shizzl made a little app to easily change/install new Theme Effects on your Phone! Make sure you have had unlocked your device using Norton Unlock hack and enabled OPEN4ALL patch using Rom Patcher before proceeding with the installation.


ThemeFX now auto enables Theme Effects on your Phone
– Added Widget skin installation functionality
– You can now add your favorite effects and widget skins directly to your collection
– Added currently installed functionality (only for widget/skin packs)
– Added Preview functionality for Widget skins
– All current Theme Effects added to package – Shizzl’s – Flow Mix is preinstalled (based on Jlmvc), it has a new menu/folder open effect, with some completely new effect definitions (uses variables)


ThemeFX v2.0 is only for Belle 111.30.609 Versions!

Hack your Phone or use CFW

– Remove “Theme Effects Base Package” if installed, otherwise you get a “component built in error” or “Update Error”while installing ThemeFX v2.0

 – install everything on E:/ (Mass Memory)!!
– 1. PythonPack.sis
– 2. UltraPowerModulePack_Mod_by_shizzl.sis
– 3.ThemeFX_V2.0_S^3_by_shizzl.sis

HOW TO:  Just start app and Install Effects and Widgets Skins!! You can put your own effects and widgets to this app.
For Theme effects, Make your effects folder to a ZIP file and copy it to E:/ThemeFX/Effect_Packs For Any single effect ,
Make that as ZIP and copy to E:/ThemeFX/Effect_Single For Widget packs,
Copy all .mif files to a folder and make it as .ZIP and copy that to E:/ThemeFX/Widget_Packs For Single Widget,
Make that .mif file to .ZIP and copy to E:/ThemeFX/Widget_Single NOTE: To get .mif file you should unpack .sis with siscontents.

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ThemeFX v1.2 – For All Symbian Belle Versions

IMPORTANT for THEMEFX v1.2: For Symbian Belle (Any Version): Install Symbian Belle Custom Effects Base Package SIS Installer on C:/

v2.0 UPLOADED! all new Effects added!

With the app you can:
– Install Effects from the “Best Of” Collection
– Install your Own Effects
– Jump to Themes

Best Of Collection:

  • Original BELLE
  • Minushumi V2.3
  • Jlmvc V1.1
  • Andrenlsbr V1
  • Andrenlsbr V2
  • Andrenlsbr V3
  • Andrenlsbr V4
  • Allstar12345 Slidemania 4
  • Allstar12345 Slidemania 5
  • Allstar12345 Slidemania 6
  • Jin Hao Effects V1
  • Jin Hao Effects V2
  • Molbal Slide Effects
  • Bazy Chaos V2
  • YHB V1
  • JhonCHN V1
  • DJMY V1
  • Cenloon V1
  • Tinkerbelle by Dscobsct
  • Eccentric by Dscobsct
  • Speed by Sigmma
  • Fade by Sigmma
  • Nurani V1
  • Background Image Slide

– Use BELLE CFW with theme effects enabled to C:/… or E:/…
– Set the Theme Effects Install Path (e.g. The_One CFW C:/Data/Effects)
– If you want own effects, put them in E:/ThemeFX/EffectsXY/
– Install Effects!!

– Install everything to E:/ (Mass Memory)!!
– 1. PythonPack.sis
– 2. UltraPowerModulePack_Mod_by_shizzl.sis
– ThemeFX_v1.2_S^3_by_shizzl.sis

– When selecting custom install folder, you cant scroll down properly. Use scroll bar to scroll down, then tap on folders, so they get updated.
– Problem is filemanager. If someone can mod it to work on S^3 would be great.
– Or just prename folders with # so they apperar on top.

and Thanks to all Effect Creators out There!

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