Full Transparent Widgets Pack – Nokia N8 – Symbian Belle – Modded Widgets Download

Transparent Widgets compiled by chris_marsh and syarmwawa for your Symbian Smart Phone. Compatible with hacked / unlocked Symbian Belle Smart Phones. Make sure to remove any previously installed widgets before proceeding with the installation.

List of Widgets:
* mechanical clock transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* big analog clock transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* calendarwidgetlarge transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* Digital Clock Transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* Music Player transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* rss feed transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* 2G 3G transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* Bluetooth transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* cellular transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* Mobile Data Tracker transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* Offline transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* Silent transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis
* weather widget transparent_unsigned_hacked.sis

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