No Signal Alarm 1.0.2 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

NoSignalAlarm provides a notification when the phone loses the signal for Symbian phones. You will not miss important calls again. Notification can be customized for start/end time of day for monitoring, sound choice etc.

Usage Flow:
1. In the Prefs tab, customize any user specific settings. Apply the changes.
2. In the Stats tab, click on Start Monitoring.
3. Exit the application. You will be notified by an alert when the phone loses signal.

1. Wait Time. Time to wait before raising an alert. Prevents annoying alarms for spurious changes. (Default 5 mins)
2. Enable Notify. Shows a global popup when the signal is lost. (Default enabled)
3. Enable Sound. Plays a sound when the signal is lost. (Default enabled)
4. Sound Choice. Sound tone to play when the signal is lost. (Default nosignalalarm.wav)
5. Sound Time. Time to play the sound. (Default 3 secs)
6. Start Time. Time of day to start monitoring. (Default 8 am)
7. End Time. Time of day to end monitoring. (Default 8 pm)
Note: On device reboot monitoring needs to be enabled again.