25 Home Screen Theme Effects to try on your Nokia N8 – Symbian Belle – Download

If you are currently using Theme Effects on your Symbian Anna or Belle smart phone, you can now try up-to 25 home-screen effects. Just extract activeidle_viewswitch_bg_image_to_image_slow.fxml and paste this file in the EFFECTS folder and restart your device for the changes to take effect.

Note: You can try 25 home-screen effects one-by-one. If you aren’t using Theme Effects, you can learn how to use them over here. Special thanks to: JOHNCHN

Warning: Do it at your own risk. It might cause your phone to stop responding after restart. These effects are for Symbian Belle and work fine on them, however usage on Symbian Anna might cause above mentioned issue. In case your phone doesn’t start-up you must hard-reset it using this way. Hard reset will erase everything from your device. You have been warned, it can happen!!

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