Hard Reset on Nokia N8 Damages Qt Library – Ovi Store 2.0 / Ovi Maps Stop Working

Some days ago, I have to hard reset my Nokia N8 Symbian^3 device via (*#7370#). After playing with my device, I came to know that Ovi Maps and Ovi Store 2.0 were not working at all, they just open up and show the splash screen and then the app shuts down. After reading a lot on this problem, I concluded that after performing a hard reset, damages the Qt libraries which are in-built in Nokia N8. Ovi Maps and Ovi Store 2.0 apps are designed using Qt framework, therefore they didn’t work as the Qt gets damaged after hard reset. Please DON’T do full format / hard reset if not neccessary or actually I must say that DO IT ONLY AS YOUR LAST RESORT.

Then I flashed my Nokia N8 with the hacked firmware, which didn’t help me to solve this Ovi Store issue. If you have also flashed your Nokia N8 with hacked firmware and you aren’t able to run Ovi Store then you must follow this guide.

Hard reset can also be performed on Nokia N8 by following the instructions below:

1) Turn off your phone
2) Hold “Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key” and press power button until your phone shake
3) Wait until screen show properly… and welcome back!!

If you have formatted your Nokia N8 by using above methods and you are also facing the same problems then probably you have to take your Nokia N8 to nearest Nokia Care Center, they’ll flash your phone and everything would be normal.

Simply flash your Nokia N8 with Phonenix with default firmware (If you are using the hacked firmware to flash your N8, then you might have to follow this guide)