Business Calendar 1.3 – Signed – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

Use calendars created in standard calendar as you need on settings page you can setup, which calendars to show and which calendar is default for new appointments.
  • list – all appointment are shown as a list, click to open the appointment
  • daily view – default view in portrait orientation
  • week view – default view in landscape orientation
  • monthly view – the monthly calendar with list of events of clicked day. Every appointment is in calendar shown as a dot of corresponding color


  • drag and drop – in daily or monthly view touch and hold an appointment and move it to another day or time. If moving to bottom 2 buttons, you can duplicate or delete the appointment
  • adjustable reminder – 3 user defined reminder shifts can be set; if contact is chosen, user can immediately call, send SMS, or e-mail message
  • own appointment types with selectable colors
  • adjustable working days for week view
  • adjustable working time
  • Future features
  • next week-view without timeline, Nokia 9600-style
  • regional national holidays, religious holidays, name-day
  • search in all views
  • full meeting request
  • call tracker
  • drag-and-drop in month-view
What’s new in version 1.3 (22.11.2011)
  • new agenda view without timeline, Nokia N9600-style
  • regional national holidays, religious holidays, name-days – german, swiss, austrian, slovak and czech
  • adjustable saving alarm time to standard calendar
  • close button in all views
  • while drag-and-drop showing drop-time
  • Portuguese version – to Vitor!
  • go to date – click on date
  • saving of done todos (done tasks are now deleted)
  • while editing not showing calendars which are turned off
  • while creating new event is the date taken from chosen day, not actual date
  • in day/week view changed timelines to show clearly where the hour starts and ends
  • bigger location-text in preview
  • in case of time limitation in day/week view were tasks outside this area not visible, now is the limit on the fly adjusted to these tasks
  • in month view anniversaries and repeated tasks duplicated on next day
  • in month view wrong alarm time
  • french and polish version corrections
  • icon size