Tweet S60 Lite 1.52.1 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Free App Download

Tweets60 is the first free native twitter application for Nokia S60. It provides you with a simple and accessible way to manage your twitter account on the go, without having to use the more complicated and often slow mobile site. Once installed Tweets60 is accessed through the application tab on your menu and will automatically connect to your twitter account, showing you new tweets, direct messages and your latest updates. You can then change your status, read the tweets of people you follow, re-tweet, and manage who you follow. you get the picture. You can even leave Tweets60 running in the background and it will automatically up-date.

Features of Tweets60:
¤ Post directly from your phone
¤ Faster and more efficient than the mobile site
¤ Smart synchronisation to keep your data usage to a minimum
¤ Keep up to date with automatic polling
¤ Manage who you are following on the go

– Support for links.
– Concatenated tweets, allowing longer than 140 characters to be sent as multiple tweets.
– Replies now include all mentioned users.
– RTs now always open an editor, and new style RTs used if tweet unchanged.
– Popup menus (touch devices only)
– Homescreen widget showing mentions
– Homescreen widget showing mentions & DMs (compatible devices only).
– System default browser (e.g. Opera) now used for opening links (compatible devices only).
– Profile pictures now update correctly.

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