Xtreme Menu Mod for Symbian Belle – Hacked Nokia N8 – Download

Custom Modded Menu for Symbian Belle – The Xtreme Menu 
Credits: Upakul & Simongrandi
1. 15 Folders added
2. Many or all possible apps are defined to go directly into specific folder automatically after installation
3. Many of the games are directly initialized to go under “Games” folder after installation.
4. Anna – belle type icons on all the folders available
5. New apps go to the “Recent” folder rather than directly on the menu.

How to use this mod?
Just apply [open4all.rmp] patch in rompatcher and replace the files in C:\ with the files provided and then immediately reboot. Use X-Plore or FileBrowser to do that. (Make sure to backup the original files you are going to replace, in case anything goes wrong, you can revert back to normal state)

Note: You must be using HACKED SYMBIAN BELLE in order to use this mod. Make sure to backup the files you are going to replace, in-case you mess-up anything, you will be able to restore the backup files.

Click below to download