Touch n learn v1.01(0) – Symbian Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

Touch’n’learn is a collection of finger friendly learning games for your Qt enabled [mobile] touch device. So far, there are counting, reading, clock reading and musical note reading lessons.

The game is simple, it has no scoring scheme and no background story. It behaves like a deck of cards, showing images of animals, objects, or clocks and possible answers. Touch’n’learn gives feedback for correct or wrong answers. It is initially best played together in company of a grown up.

Touch’n’learn was originally a Borland Delphi based project which the author created during a practical semestre during his studies.
This version here is supposed to become the Qt Quick port of it. A few lesson types are still not ported: spelling a word, addition, subtraction, reading note intervals and playing a note on a piano keyboard.

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