Nokia Diexie v1.0 – Hand Writing Recognition – Symbian Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Beta Version App Download

Nokia Diexie is a unique Chinese character handwriting input technology designed specifically for smaller touch screen phones where writing out a full sentence just won’t fit on a small screen. Nokia Diexie allows users to simply write a full sentence one character over another in a stacking style with using your pointer finger as a pen. (Diexie in Chinese means “overlapping handwriting”). As you begin writing the next character over the previous character, the previous character begins to fade away, creating an overlapped visual, allowing you to concentrate on finishing the next character.

Research has shown that this input method not only increases the overall user experience for Chinese character text input, but also increases the accuracy of the recognition to identify different handwriting styles.

Try it out

Even if you don’t speak Chinese, you are welcome to try out Nokia Diexie using English characters and numbers. Note, however, that the performance is optimized for Chinese language input.

Nokia Diexie has been fully tested on Nokia N8 and Nokia N97 with Qt 4.6.3, but should work on all Symbian^3 and S60 5th Edition phones.

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