Multi Language SMS v1.0 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

It’s an application using which a user can send sms in multiple languages(42 for now). User first convert text from one language to another and then send translated text as sms.

Use Case
• Initially user needs to select source language and destination language.
• Type message in Input box.
• Hit translate button.
• Click on Texter toolbar to send translated text.
• Enter contact number or select from contact list whome to send message.
• Hit send button.
• Click on Translator toolbar to go back to translation interface.

Why and for whom?
This application is aimed at all types of users.. Lets take a scenario:
Suppose a person wants to send a text message to his friend in his local language according to recent standard keyboard format its quite difficult to type message in local language.. so now what user can do is simply type the message in English and hit “translate button” to convert input text to the required language and send it as text message.
This application even can solve the problem of communication between users who dont have a common known language in them they just need to type message in their language and set output language to the one known to his friend.

You can even have fun with this application by writing some bad wordss say abuses in english and convert to some other language and send to your friend.

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