Sygic Aura GPS Navigation 11.2.6 for Nokia N8 & Belle Refresh smartphones – Signed App Download

Sygic AURA is the most complete GPS based navigation, based on a brand new product concept that challenges today’s navigation and LBS industry, and at the same time the first one introducing new technologies. Voice guided turn-by-turn car navigation, travel guides, location based wiki information, pedestrian mode, social network, 3D maps, attractive landmarks and enriched mountain data – all this is under one roof of Sygic AURA.

Sygic Aura is compatible with S^3 n S^4 devices:

Nokia C6-01
Nokia C7-00
Nokia E6-00
Nokia E7-00
Nokia N8-00
Nokia Oro
Nokia T7-00
Nokia X7-00

It is quite simple to be honest so here we go without any further ado:


1) At first you have to download the zip installer (download 1 – namely Sygic Aura Download) and extract it on to your PC preferably, so that you install Sygic Aura on your phone. You will see that there are things there, one the SetupSygicGPSNavigation.SIS file and a folder called Sygic.

2) Now we have to transfer the installer on your phone. To do that please go ahead and transfer the Sygic folder to the Root of your phone’s memory card and then install the supplied SetupSygicGPSNavigation sis file to your phone. You must select English as your preferred language.

3) Once the SIS installer has completed the installation successfully, you are basically done. All you have to do now is to get the correct Android maps on to your Symbian device. To get the maps for your desired country please install the second file from below (download 2).

Maps Update Instructions:

1) It is quite simple too. Simply download the above file namely Sygic Maps Downloader and extract it.

2) Now browse onto the following folder after the extraction is done with. Go To: Sygic Downloader 1.9 – Android – Aura 11.2.6. Run the exe file and download the map you want straight on to your computer.

3)  Here is the tricky bit though, once the download is over you need to rename the maps file and transfer it on to your phone so that Symbian OS recognizes it along with Sygic. For eg. Say you downloaded the map of Australia, you will notice the file is named as aus.ta.20XX.YY. XX denotes the name of the maps and YY denotes the version number of the map itself. You need to rename this to aus.ta.2013.01 and copy only this specific folder to Sygic/Auramaps on the phone’s memory card. There will be other folders that doesn’t need to be copied at all so you will only have to copy the country specific folder which in our case is aus.ta.2013.01.

That’s it enjoy high performance navigation any time you want without incurring extra charges right from your smartphones. Maps that are currently supported are all the countries from Europe including Russia, England, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Portugal, France, Spain etc. many countries from Asia including China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and faraway countries like Australia, New Zealand etc.

Update: Those who are having DISK error please uninstall everything (including sygic folder) and download everything with sygic install through wifi. then replace the files inside sygic/auramaps with these files Connect in Mass Storage Mode and You might have to enable the option to view hidden files from folder options of Windows.