Nokia Maps v3.08.112 – Symbian Anna – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

The latest version of Maps v3.08 is here with a beautiful little weather app to help you plan for the day by the hour or give you a handy five day overview. Also, to make your commute safer, we’ve added live traffic routing info in the Drive start screen, cleaned up the UX framework and made search results easier to read. And remember that really annoying Drive to contacts crashing bug? Gone.

There’s also a new installation UI that shows you what’s installing in your phone as it happens, instead of one massive file uploading at once. Be warned that you will need an internet connection the entire time of installation and it may take longer than before. Apologies in advance for this! Rest assured, it’s a necessary step for very cool things to come!

What’s different in this version of Maps v3.08?

● Cool Weather app – get local conditions by the hour and forecasts for the week
● Live traffic routing info included into Drive start screen
● Metric/imperial toggle from Drive UI removed
● Search result details are easier to read
● Cleaner UX framework
● New SmartInstaller installation UI

What’s different from v3.07?

Drive Enhancements:

● Live traffic routing takes traffic information into account to avoid traffic jams automatically (available in Germany, France, US, UK and Russia).
● Turn on “Avoid traffic” in your “Route settings” to take traffic conditions into account while you drive. Always get the best route for right now.
● New Drive look & feel – home screen now has buttons for “Set destination,” “Drive home” and “Just drive.”
● “Just drive” or Drive assistance shows your accurate speed, gives speed warnings, the distance driven and real time traffic.
● New information bar on Drive navigation and Drive assistance screens.
● Also easily toggle between Estimated Time of Arrival in minutes or distance to your destination – just tap the icon on the screen.
● New option menus in Drive.
● Set a contact as a destination.
● Easily change your settings during Drive navigation. Changes in settings are immediate and can been seen instantly.

Additional improvements:

● Long tap is now available to give quick access to “Drive to,” “Walk to,” “Share” and various lists.
● Settings reorganized to “General” “Maps & Walk” and “Drive.”


Nokia Maps for mobile v3.08 is available on the following Symbian devices: Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7-00, Nokia E7-00, Nokia E6-00, Nokia X7-00.

New installation UI:

In this release of Maps 3.08, we have implemented a new installation mechanism which differs from previous Maps releases. Instead of releasing all maps components to you in one large monolithic sis file, we are releasing only a small installer program. It downloads the updated Maps software packages and needed enablers from our servers and installs them on your device. This means that your device must have a working internet connection to be able to run the installer and install Maps 3.08 Beta. The benefit is that the installer will download and install only those software packages that really are needed for your device.

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