Radio Symba v0.4 Beta Symbian^3 Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

RadioSymba is an Internet-radio player for Nokia Symbian smartphones with Touch UI written using Qt framework. It has a built-in catalog containing over 3000 radio stations sorted by genres and styles. Additional features are: ability to pause the playback and to record audio streams to files. Also you can add your own stations. RadioSymba is compatible with S60v5 and S^3 devices.

● Symbian S60 5th Edition
● Symbian^3

What’s New:
● App now uses Qt v4.7
● Added: Options window with a lot of… options
● Added option: volume step
● Added option: equalizer with presets support
● Added option: stop/resume station, when the headset had been unplugged/plugged in
● Added option: custom filenames format for recordings (with a capability to organize files in subfolders)
● Added option: start a new file, when a track changes (after X seconds delay, if needed)
● Added option: append previous X seconds of a playback to each new file, that you started
● Added option: log played tracks information
● Added option: choose startup action (show last played list, favorites, genres or play last played station)
● Added option: automatically start a record, when a track title matches specified pattern(s)
● Added option: show/hide navigation links
● Added option: resume interrupted record
● Fixed: playback is lagging when recording a file
● Fixed: error handling HTTP redirects
● Fixed: error while interrupting the player with another sound with higher priority
● Changed: Back button is always available
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