15% Prices Slashed on Nokia Smart Phones N8, C7, E6 in Europe

According to Reuters, Nokia has slashed rates in an attempt to slow the decline in its share of the higher end of the market. The steepest cuts of around 15 percent were made on prices for the company’s flagship model, the N8, the multimedia phone C7, as well as the business smartphone E6. A Nokia spokesman told Reuters that these changes were part of normal business.
“Analyst Carolina Milanesi from Gartner said the price cuts were not too surprising as Nokia has indicated that it would be more aggressive on pricing to keep users from defecting.
“They should discount older products including the N8, the C7 and the C6, and ship the new ones at a very aggressive price too,” Milanesi said.
The Finnish company is expected to report losses for the second and third quarters this year as its ageing smartphone range is rapidly losing market share to phones running on Google’s (GOOG.O) Android operating platform.”