Locate n Protect Your Phone Anywhere in the World via Puntalo v1.73 Nokia N8 S^3 – Full Version App Download

Locate and protect your phone anywhere in the world!

Download the puntalo app for free to protect your phone. Setting up one notification area and one notification recipient is free so you can get a taste of our features. From puntalo.com you can locate your missing phone for free and as the unexpected happens in the most unexpected places, puntalo is also available from any mobile connected device.

Privacy policy

Tracking is not spying and the privacy of your family is very important to you and to puntalo. That is why puntalo sends a message once a month to the phone to notify that it is being tracked and who is tracking him. Only you can decide who can follow a phone’s whereabouts and this is guaranteed for premium as well as registration only accounts. 

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