QT based Foursquare Client via Nelisquare v0.02(4) S^3 – Full Version App Download

Nelisquare is a Foursquare client to Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo devices written in QML. You can check-in to venus, search interesting places nearby and check your friends check-ins. I m also pleased to say that its much faster than the official Symbian^3 app. While there are still a few features missing like looking at the badges you have, accessing your previous check-in history, it is still the best way to actually check-in from your Symbian^3 device.

There is also an option to visit the Foursquare leaderboard. Do keep in mind that the author still terms this release as an early alpha, so there may be some bugs.
PS-Tested on N8
Click below to download