Dailyme.tv v1.60(20) S^3 Signed (German) – Full Version App Download

dailyme.tv is the simplest kind of mobile TV in video quality experience. With dailyme.tv users experiencing successful TV formats and popular Videocasts updated daily and the best quality on your phone.

Here, each (r) User (in) his own program:
Profile of current TV offerings and Videocast create your own program and daily dailyme.tv on the mobile phone can send.
Once registered, dailyme.tv always delivers the latest consequences of their own as soon as a program with the mobile Internet is (WLAN, UMTS, GPRS, HSDPA, etc.). Quite simply and without any downloading or streaming.
dailyme.tv is content aggregator and distributor of technical video and TV content on mobile phones, and offers advertisers access to mobile audiences.
dailyme.tv is a service of the mando.TV GmbH mando.TV GmbH was founded in early 2007 and has its headquarters in Berlin. In mando.TV Ltd. are inter alia the VC Fonds Berlin and bmp Media Investors AG & Co. KGaA involved.
Min battery
You can figure the percentage of battery level set at which the automatic transmission is no longer running. For example, at 100% transmission only for fully attached battery or charger executed.
Min free space
With this setting you lay out how much space on the memory card to be released. Your program requires more space than you have set here, all the clips are not transferred.
Automatic transmissionYou can program the automatic transmission off and on.
FSK16 Filter
These settings, you can only change dailyme.tv portal.
Show Help
Here you can specify whether the help with the program start is displayed.
New Clips PopUp View
Here you can specify whether a popup is displayed when new clips have been transferred. The popup is displayed only if the standby or the screen saver application is running in the foreground.
*better battery life and faster download of the video program
* Bug fixes (opening the app to update)
* General improvement
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