Portrait QWERTY Keyboard on Nokia N8 – Symbian^3 via Baidu Input – 5 Portrait Keyboard Layouts

How to Install Baidu Input for Portrait QWERTY Keyboard on Nokia N8 – Symbian^3

1. To configure Baidu Input, first download the file and install it on your device. Note that it will ask many things in Chinese and you have to press Yes/ Ok each time means left  side of the button (never touch right side button in any prompt).

2. After installation, please REBOOT your device. This is very IMPORTANT!
3. After reboot, you can launch it from the application launcher. It will be a white icon with du written on it.

4. The next step is to enable Baidu Input system wide. It will be used as the main text entry method in all text areas in all applications. When you launch Baidu Input, you will be presented with a list of 8 options. Select the first one as highlighted in the screenshot (the one on the right) above.

5. A new screen will be opened. Again, please select the first item in the list where AknFEP is displayed. A pop out selection will appear. Select the one that’s written in Chinese or as boxes. This method also can be used to disable Baidu Input if you don’t want to use it or you want to uninstall it from your device.

You can try several keyboard layouts in Baidu Input. When you will select the text a menu will pop up with some boxes or Chinese characters, its actually Copy, Cut and Paste menu.

Landscape mode of Baidu Text Input with HTC Keyboard.

How to Customize Baidu Input Keyboards by Applying Different Keyboard Layouts

We have included (N8FanClub.com)data.zip inside the download package, extract the zip file and you will get the data folder copy that data folder to C:/ drive of your phone via X-plore, in this way all the keyboard layouts will automatically be copied to their desired destination.

If you are lost somewhere then you can manually copy the files in these two locations using X-plore:
C:\Data\Baidu\Input\TouchSkin and C:\Data\Baidu\Input\TouchSkinW

Portrait Keyboard Layouts Included in the download package

1. Hindi-(N8FanClub.com).bdskt
2. HTC Grey Portrait-(N8FanClub.com).bdskt
3. iPhone-(N8FanClub.com).bdskt
4. OperaMini_Portrait-(N8FanClub.com).bdskt
5. Swype-(N8FanClub.com).bdskt

Keyboard Layouts Included in the download package
HTC Grey W Landscape-(N8FanClub.com).bdskt
2. iPhoneW-(N8FanClub.com).bdskt
3. OperaMW_Landscape-(N8FanClub.com).bdskt

For people, who are finding this guide difficult, can head towards the video made by The N8 Blog, which simplifies the things a bit (though steps are for the older version, but you will get an idea at least).

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